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Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 Review


Do you are still crowd around your tablet, laptop or smartphone when watching a movie, playing a game or seeing you photos? I have some good news for you. Those days are over. You can now mirror the screen of any of your devices onto a bigger screen. Thanks to Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 Wireless Display Adapter with Miracast. It does not matter which device you are using. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. Before I found this wireless display adapter I was almost giving up on them. But this product stood out from the rest. Below are the features that make it the best:

Supports Kindle Fire HDX

Among all the other display adapter brands none supported kindle fire HDX. With NETGEAR PUSH2TV PTV3000, you will now be able to share what is on your Kindle tablet. This allows you to watch instant videos, direct from Amazon on your big screen. Apart from Kindle Fire HDX, other devices supported include Intel WIDI, tablets, laptop and Miracast supported smartphone. These includes LG Optimus, Samsung Galaxy s4, Google Nexus and others.

Incorporated with Miracast Technology and Intel WIDI

This may not sound a big deal especially because of the technical terms. But it is another feature that makes Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 Wireless Display Adapter unique. Miracast technology is what allows any Android device and other devices the ability to mirror both video and audio wirelessly to your external monitor. Miracast is anchored on WIFI Direct technology. For WIFI Direct the benefit of this is that it does not require a WIFI connection. It also supports either 5GHz or 2.4GHZ, which define the quality and speed of your connection. This assures you that you will never experience lags when connecting.

Eliminates the Need for any Bulky Hanging Devices

When using Netgear Push2TV HDMI display adapter, you will not require devices for both ends. That is one for the TV and the other for the mobile device. You will only need the adapter. The display adapter shall be positioned behind your TV. The adapter has two powering options. Either from the TV through a USB cable or AC direct via its power adapter. When you want to connect this display adapter, you will only need to connect it to the TV, through an HDMI cable. Unfortunately, the product manufacturer does not provide this cable. You will be required to buy it. Additionally to be able to mirror your device, it should be compatible with the adapter and with updated OS.

Small Size, Bigger Performance

Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 Wireless Display Adapter measures 3.3x2x0.5 inches and weighs 1.8 ounces. It is, therefore, easy to carry when you are out of the home. Courtesy of its small size, it becomes easy to position it. It is also easy to set up, requiring you to only power and connect it to the TV. Despite the small size, the product has incredible performance. You can use it to wirelessly display any content up to a video resolution of 1080p. Its sound is 5.1 surround; giving you an immersive entertainment experience at home. Remember when mirroring your smartphone, you will not require any cable connection. It is wireless.


  • It supports Kindle Fire HDX
  • It offers wireless display of up to 1080p in high-definition
  • When mirroring a smartphone, you do not require any wire connection
  • It has two powering options; through a power adapter or a USB connection
  • It is small in size, making it easy to carry around and has easy placement
  • It is easy to set up and has an accompanying user guide
  • Has no limitation on what you can mirror from any of your devices
  • Supports a wide range of devices
  • It supports Intel WIDI and Miracast devices
  • It has fast response rate when connected, taking only some few seconds
  • Helps you turn your room into a concert hall, photo gallery or a movie theater without a struggle
  • It has a one-year warranty
  • Its networking is dual-band (both for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHZ) Therefore not prone to congestion
  • It does not require any WIFI connection
  • It has a WPS button for easy setup


  • When buying it has no HDMI cable
  • It only supports Miracast, Intel WIDI or Miracast enabled devices

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is it supported by windows 8.1 machine?

A. Yes

Q. Can I use it to mirror my social media platforms?

A. Yes, very easy.

Q. Can I use on apple products?

A. No

Final Verdict

When looking for a way to wirelessly project your smartphone, laptop or tablet, Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 is what you should buy. One feature that I was looking for when choosing the best display adapter was easy setup, small size, and ability to support a broad range of devices. Luckily, this product does all that. With Push2TV you will not have to huddle on your screen when watching movies, playing favorite music or streaming any web content. This product allows you to effortlessly project the same on bigger screen. All this will happen without breaking the bank, as it is affordable.

Where to Buy?

The best place to buy this wireless display adapter we found with discount link is Amazon Marketplace. It available with almost half of the listing price with FREE Shipping.

Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 Wireless Display Adapter Review

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