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Best Murray Riding Lawn Mowers

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The walk behind mowers can be used for mowing small lawns where one can cover the entire area on foot without getting tired. The larger lawns however need the Murray riding lawn mowers. These are efficient and effective in mowing large lawns and golf courses.

There are four main categories of riding lawn mowers from Murray. And we will only discuss 2 of them.

Rear Discharge Premium Rider:

These mowers are perfect for the larger lawns in any house. The 200 liter capacity collection bag at the rear can collect the clipping from the entire lawn in a single sitting so you do not have to keep emptying it bag frequently during the mowing activity. The controls like gears and cutting height levels can be adjusted conveniently while riding the mower too.

A good model in this series is the EMR15533RDF. This model comes with Briggs and Stratton engine powering the two blade cutting system. The cutting deck is 33” in diameter and is perfect for the larger lawns. The cutting height can be varied from 3.7 cms to 9.4 cms. The 30 cms turning radius just makes the entire package a lot more appealing to the users.

Mid Engine Rider:

This is another popular design from Murray. The problem with some riding mowers is that one cannot get a clear view of where one is heading due to the cutting deck. The mid engine rider moves the deck below the seat given the rider a good view of the path ahead.

A popular model in this category is the 309007X151A 30" MURRAY. This unit comes with a 30 inch cutting deck which is decent for a medium sized lawn. The turning radius of 30.5 cms means that the unit is quite maneuverable in tight corners and bends in the garden or lawn. The Briggs and Stratton engine delivers just the right kind of power for the mower to clip the grass to a perfect height. The cutting height in these mowers can be adjusted from 5 cms to 11.5 cms

The 309007X51F is a very well known model in this category. It comes with a 200 liter rear bag for bagging the grass clippings. The model also has a side discharge and a mulching option too. Like the previous model, this unit is also powered by Briggs and Stratton engine. The single blade is powerful enough to clip the grass for various discharge alternatives. The 30” cutting deck is just perfect for any medium to large lawns. This unit supports a cutting range from 3.8 cms to 11.5 cms.

A very good source of information on the mower you purchase is the owner’s manual that comes with the mower. While not many people are keen on going through the verbose document, there is a lot of useful tips and other information about taking care of the mowers, basic troubleshooting and a host of other good stuff in these documents. With the right knowledge, you can get the most from your Murray riding lawn mower.