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Murray Lawn Mower Instructions

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Murray is a very popular brand when it comes to lawn mowers. They are stylish, durable and very effective.

However, with regular use any mechanical product does cause some wear and tear. Some of the parts are tough to replace there are some that can be done very easily with some help and technical guidance.

Here are some of the common problems with the mowers and the corresponding Murray lawn mower instructions.

Murray lawn mower instructions - How to put a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower?

The belt in any mower is the coupling that transfers the engine power to the rest of the mechanical parts. With the properly fitted tout belt, maximum power can be transferred. If the belt is not properly fit the mower will not move or function as effectively you want it to.

Murray lawn mower instructions on how to put the belt the on the Murray riding lawn mower.

  • Ensure that the deck is lowered to lowest cutting settings. This will give you ample space to work with the belt.
  • On the right side you should find the right mandrel pulley just above the deck and below the frame or body of the mower. Place the belt around this pulley and ensure that the belt is aligned with the pulley borders. It must fit the pulley perfectly.
  • The assembly has a belt retainer which holds the belt in its place. To perfectly fit the belt on the pulley you need to pull this retainer away from the pulley. Once the belt is placed perfectly, just release the retainer. It will secure the belt.
  • Repeat the same on the left side of the mower. Again, when you release the belt retainer, the belt will fit the left pulley perfectly.
  • You will realize that the belt does not fit the two pulleys perfectly; there is additional belt hanging. This is used to couple the pulleys to idler pulley.
  • The idler pulley is connected to the engine and transfers the power from the engine to the moving parts. Wrap the belt around this idler pulley to complete the process.

While changing the belt make sure that you are wearing leather gloves to protect your finger. This is an important safety measure that everyone must take. Secondly, make sure you have the right belt based on the mower model. Incorrect belt will not fit the pulley system properly and you will not get an efficiently working mower.

Murray lawn mower instructions - How to change oil on Murray lawn mower 4hp?

Murray lawn mowers run on gas and hence they need oil for lubrication. Given below is Murray lawn mower instructions to change oil in the Murray lawn mower.

  • Start the mower and let it run for a couple of minutes. This will warm the mower and make the oil less viscous.
  • Place a drain pan below the mower to collect the old oil.
  • Now remove the dip stick from the oil so that you can drain the old oil.
  • Look around the drain value and locate a yellow cap. Remove this cap and direct the valve towards the drain pan.
  • Now open the drain valve to let the oil flow out.
  • Typically, depending on how viscous the oil it, it may take about a couple of minutes to drain out completely.
  • Now shut the drain valve and replace the yellow cap.
  • Pour in the new oil using a funnel.
  • Use the dipstick regularly to check when you reach the full capacity.

Murray lawn mower instructions - How to replace the starter rope on a Murray walk behind lawn mower?

The starter rope is the one used to start many of the mechanical start walk behind Murray mowers. The procedure is to pull the starter rope with sufficient force which will start the mower engine.

Given the rough usage of this rope, eventually, the rope will wear away and break. A shorter rope will not impart the necessary torque to kick start the engine. The only solution is to replace the starter rope. While this may seem quite complicated, it is one of the simplest things to do. With a proper wrench and starter rope, you can do it at home.

Murray lawn mower instructions on replacing starter rope

  • The starter rope housing is typically on top of the engine.
  • You need to open the housing to recover the pulley and the rest of the rope stuck to the pulley.
  • To do this you need to loosen the bolts holding the housing to the body of the mower.
  • Once the housing is out, place it on a workbench and recover the pulley from the assembly.
  • The pulley will have some rope wrapped around it with the other end tied to the core of the pulley.
  • Open the knot and get rid of the old rope.
  • Cut the new rope to the desired length and insert one end of it, into the same hole in the pulley core from where you recovered the old rope.
  • Tie a tight double knot to fasten the new rope to the pulley. Pull the loose end tight to ensure that new rope is fastened properly to the pulley.
  • Trim of the rest of the rope from the tied end.
  • Wrap the rope around the pulley over many layers till almost the entire rope is wrapped. Just leave enough to maneuver the new rope through the housing and tie to the handle.
  • Replace the pulley back into the housing and take the rope out of the hole in the housing.
  • Replace the housing back on the engine
  • Tie the loose end of the starter rope to the handled. Trim off the remaining part of the rope from the handle.
  • Fix the housing back to the mower with the wrench and the bolts, just like you took it out.

Just ensure that you wear proper protective gloves while changing the starter rope. While the whole procedure may seem simple, it is better to exercise some caution.

Murray lawn mower instructions - How do you remove the blades from a Murray riding lawn mower?

Murray riding lawn mower comes with some of the best cutting blades. With a high power engine driving these blades, the cut from these mowers is always clean and perfect. However, the blade edge sharpness does wear out with time.

Once the blade edges wear out, the cut is not perfect anymore and the lawn in general looks very uneven. When the cuts become erratic, it is time to change the blades. Given below are the Murray lawn mower instructions to remove the blades.

  • The first thing to take care of is to remove the spark plug from the mower. This will ensure that the engine does not start even when you turn the blades.
  • Now remove the housing that holds the blades. This is generally very simple and involves unscrewing some bolts wherever the housing is fastened. Refer to the owner’s manual to get detailed steps on this. Since each mower is slightly different, the exact location of screws and bolts would vary.
  • Now that the blades are exposed, using a wedge, fix the blade positions. This way it will not rotate when the blades are being loosened.
  • Locate the central bolt that is holding the blades to the shaft and loosen it.
  • The blades will come out easily and you can remove them.
  • Make sure that you collect all the nuts, bolts and the washers. You need each and every piece for the new blade, or it will not work properly.

Always remember that the blades may have gone dull in giving a clean cut to the grass, but they are still very sharp. Any mishandling can harm you.

Take utmost care while handling the blades. Even when they have been removed, you need to cover them and store them in a safe place so that people do not get hurt accidentally.

Murray lawn mower instructions - How to change front tire Murray riding lawn mower?

The Murray Riding lawn mowers have regular durable tires that allow the mower to ride to all the places on the lawn. Over time the tires get worn out and sometimes you may even have a flat tire. In such cases, you need to change the tires.

Given below are the steps to change the front tire on a Murray Lawn mower.

  • Drive the mower to a flat land where you can replace the tires comfortable.
  • Insert a jack below the mower and lift on the side that needs the tire replaced.
  • The wheel is secured to the spindle with hubcaps, so need to remove them. Generally loosening them with a wrench and twisting them would get them off.
  • The front wheels generally have a cotter pin that holds the wheel to the spindle. You need to remove this pin too.
  • Slide out the old tire from the spindle and replace it with the new tire.
  • Fix the cotter pin back in place so that the new tire is held properly in position.
  • Now fit the hubcaps back on the wheel and tighten then.

As you can see replacing a lawn mower wheel is no different from other vehicular wheels. You just need to know some intricacies of how the wheels are fixed on the mower.