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Murray 42 Lawn Mower Blade Belt '97 & Up 37X88MA

Murray 42 Lawn Mower Blade Belt '97 & Up 37X88MA


Murray Jackshaft Mandrel Housing Assembly for Mowers Using a...

Murray Jackshaft Mandrel Housing Assembly for Mowers Using a...


Murray 56159MA Gear-long Shaft for Lawn Mowers

Murray 56159MA Gear-long Shaft for Lawn Mowers


Murray 37x65MA Drive Belt for Lawn Mowers

Murray 37x65MA Drive Belt for Lawn Mowers


Murray 42 Lawn Mower Blade Belt '90-'96 37X75MA

Murray 42 Lawn Mower Blade Belt '90-'96 37X75MA

Buying Guide for Murray Lawn Mower Parts 

The Murray brand of outdoor maintenance products is sold by the Briggs and Stratton Power Products group. The Murray brand is popular for well designed and durable products.

Besides the quality, the value for money that they deliver; make them economic for the comfort in garden mowing. The Murray lawn mower comes in three categories: Walk Behind Mowers, Riding Mowers (also known as tractors) and Zero turn Mowers.

Walk Behind Mowers

These are very simple to use and are very basic mower models. They come in two flavors: Push mowers and self propelled mowers.

So the next time you look at ungainly grass in your lawn, you don’t have to turn away due to the hassles of mowing.

Get a Murray Walk Behind Mower and trim your lawn to look nice and beautiful – just like you love it.

Murray Push Lawn Mower

There are around seven models under this category. The most elementary model is Murray Lawn Mower EM2045. This is a side discharge model.

All you do is push this mower over the grass and get the cut grass collected at the side, making it easy for you to clean up the grass later. This model does require some assembly.

Another model in the same category is the Murray Lawn Mower MX450, by far the most compact mowers from Murray. This is perfect for a relatively smaller lawn.

The biggest advantage of this model is the bagger at the rear. So you don’t have to even cleanup after the mowing exercise. The unit comes with fold able handle for easy storage, soft bag and durable cutting blades.

Self Propelled Mowers

If you have a large lawn, push mowers are a big no-no. You’ll be tired even before you are half done and now your lawn looks worse that what it was before.

For such lawns, the self propelled mowers are a better option and Murray brand offers a wide range of such mowers. The EMP2265 is one such model – it is a mower cum a mulcher.

You can choose the mowing feature to be a side discharge or bagged mower as you prefer. With a simple setting change, the mower transforms into a muchler. With ReadyStart technology, the mower starting up is a hassle free aspect.

Along similar lines we have a MX550 model in this category. This is similar in feature as MX450, except that it is a bigger and better version. The self propelled aspect makes it more convenient to use and it also has larger capacity.

Murray Riding Lawn Mower

These mowers are also called tractors. These are not just simple mowers, they come with various others features that allow you to landscape your garden.

The main aspect of riding mowers or tractors is the power of the engines. Though their main job is to mow large lawns quickly with minimal effort from the curator, the power of the motor can be used in many other ways too.

There are many other devices that can be attached at the back of the mower to maximize your drive through the lawn. Sweepers, aerators and spreaders can help clean up, aerate and fertilize the lawn while you are mowing it.

Murray has a wide range of models in the Riding mowers category. At the lower end of the spectrum, we have the RM50 model – a very compact high power mower with small turning radius. The 176 liters bag at the rear means you can tackle a pretty large lawn without having to empty the bag frequently.

At the higher end Murray has rear discharge and side discharge tractors. These are much large, more powerful and can be used for multiple lawn maintenance functions – not just mowing.

click here to see Popular model of Murray riding lawn mower

Zero Turn Mowers

As the mowers get bigger, it get tougher to handle the edges. The turning radii of these mowers means that we need to mow the corners and edged separately.

In such cases the zero turn mowers are very handy. Besides, the edges, a true challenge comes in tight corners and places with trees, and other landscape obstacles. The ZT50 from Murray is designed for such situations. It offers great flexibility with limited storage space.

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