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MTD Lawn Mower Reviews

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MTD Lawn Mower
Value for Money and Dependability

MTD has been in the outdoor power equipment division for nearly four decades and over this time it has built a strong reputation of quality, value for money and dependability.

This in itself speaks volumes of this brand. MTD caters to both residential and commercial markets with best in class mowers.

Interestingly though, MTD may not be the name you see on your lawn mowers when you go to purchase them. The brands for various mowers and outdoor power equipments products are many including Yard Man, White outdoor, Yard Machines and Bolens.

Yard Man Products

The Yard Man builds typical Walk Behind Mowers. These Walk Behind mowers come in Push Mower – like 11A-A18M055 and 11A-A24T055 - and Self Propelled mower flavors.

The self propelled can be Rear Wheel Drive – like 12A-18M7002 and 12AE18JA002 – Front Wheel Drive – like 12A-569Q001 and 12AE46JA001.

These mowers are ideal for a lawn space of around an acre or less. They can get the job done easily with minimal hassles. These models come with Mulching, bagging and discharge options. Some are 2 in 1 while others support all 3 features. You can purchase them at Walmart store.

White Outdoor Products

The White Outdoor products are primarily targeted towards the rugged and tough rural life. Their products are designed to sustain the grinds of the rural outdoors to ensure that you can savor a great lawn in your house – no matter where it is.

You have a wide range of push mowers, self propelled mowers and even riding mowers from White Outdoor. These are great aids not just for mowing, but also for host of other chores that a rural life brings with it.

MTD Yard Machines Mower

The Yard Machines has the widest range of push mowers under the MTD brand.

The models range from basic push mower with plain side discharge to 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 models that also bag and mulch the grass.

Even among the motor powers, you can get low power engines at 139cc to high capacity ones at 190cc.

The Yard Machines lawn mowers come in two designs: push mowers and self propelled.

Like most other manufacturers, the self propelled models can have front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. While the rear wheel drive gives you more control in the motion, the front wheel gives you more maneuverability.

This way you can move the mower around without disengaging the drive.

Bolens Products

Like all other MTD brands Bolens also comes with push mowers, self propelled mowers and riding tractors. Typically the torque of these mowers is around 5-5.5 and the deck is about 20”-22” wide.

The Bolens riding mower comes with 13.5 horse power and 38” deck for the larger lawns. A great place to purchase the Bolens products is your closest Lowe’s store.

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MTD Lawn Mower Reviews

It is pretty clear how good versatile the MTD group of brands are. You can access at least one of the four brands in some major store next to your house.

Once you have the mower and you run into some problem – typically it would be more a query or an operational problem than a defect – you can look up the respective directory found on the MTD website.

All four brands have a pretty good distribution systems and service centers so you should not have a lot of problem getting access to one.

Lastly, while the lawn care is very important, personal safety and the safety of others around is equally vital too.

It is not uncommon to have your pets or kids playing around while you are mowing your lawn. Regardless of which kind of mower you use – push, self propelled or riding – there is always a risk of injuring someone.

Especially, given that the mower blades are very sharp, the injury can get very serious or fatal too. This site or MTD site has some great articles and tips on this, and it is worth a read. So mow safe and enjoy a great lawn with MTD Lawn Mower products.

And if you ever lost its owners manual, the MTD website is a great place to search. You can find your missing MTD Lawn Mower Manual there.