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Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter Review


The Mini Display Port to HD AV Adapter connects of Surface Pro-tablet to any HDMI-compatible display allowing you to connect your Surface-Pro and Surface Pro 2 to any HDMI-compatible display. You can enjoy your tablet's media on a big screen. Now you can share everything you have on your Surface. You will have high-definition clarity for displaying presentations, photos, and video provided by HD digital connection. This adapter has both Mini-Display Port Male (input), HDMI Female (output).

Display Port adapter is designed exclusively for Surface-Pro/Surface Pro 3, plus Surface 3 so you will have a great device for you to use. It is easy to bridge your compatible devices with the Microsoft Surface HDMI adapter. You just need to plug Surface on VGA-compatible monitors,displays or projectors, plus share picture of yours, videos/plus big ideas. There is no complicated ways of doing this. You just need to know where your connections are and plug both devices.


This device provides a secure, reliable connection. You can use it for an external monitor. It weighs less than 50 grams so it is easy to place it in your bag and carry it around until it is needed. It is a great product that provides high quality image and video when you transfer them from your device to the one which is connected. It is easy to connect two devices so you will not have to deal with bad connection or low quality of transferred pictures and videos. Doing presentations is now easier because you can just plug in your laptop or tablet to every meeting you go to cause this adapter will help you do exactly that.


It is maybe a little bit expensive given that you can find devices like this only cheaper. Spending less money on device like this won’t get you the great quality like the one you are getting with this adapter. You can find it difficult if you're using 4k monitors or going the multiple monitors set up. There are some customers who are having problems with this setup. You need to know how long your cable is so that you don’t end up with short space between two items that needs to be connected so far.


This is a great item for everyone who needs to do presentations, connect tablet to monitors or just to be able to do some extra work with the need to connect two items. Having to pay extra dollars is no surprise and it is a guarantee that your adapter will provide you with great quality and not just some average image when it is transferred to computer or screen. This adapter will make your life easier.

One year warranty comes with this adapter but given that Microsoft put the effort in creating a high demand adapter which is needed, you will n’t have to worry about having problems with it.

Everyone who bought this adapter is happy with their choice because they made the right one so far.

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