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Microsoft Display Adapter Review


Microsoft Display Adapter allows you to share what you have stored on your personal computer, handheld smartphone or a tablet on a monitor or HDTV. That means you can view your photos stored on your devices and also be able to project your presentation on a screen, wirelessly, on a bigger screen. When I first bought this product, I was only after a device to help me project my presentation in a conference. Over time I have realized, I made the right decision, and I can recommend it for the following features:

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter utilizes the Miracast technology, which uses WI-FI direct to enable communication between devices (computer, tablet or a smartphone) The uniqueness of the Miracast technology is that your computer will not communicate through a conventional router, but they will establish a peer to peer network. Therefore, you will require no special application on your device, and you do not need a WI-FI connection to use it. To get the best quality of streaming and display, ensure your computer graphics display are updated.

Easy to Connect

  • It does not matter if you have ever used it again or if it is your first time; you won’t experience any problem, provided your devices OS is updated. You are only supposed to plug the HDMI and the USB of the adapter into the monitor or HDTV. You will then extend your screen or HDTV to your desired spot in the room. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter will provide you with the connection provided it is within a range of 23 feet. The product also comes with a user guide that you can follow if you are connecting it for the first time.

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Benefit of Portability

Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Display Adapter

This adapter is pocket sized, it is easy to carry and will comfortably fit in your PC bag or your pockets. In fact, you can always have it in your bag whether you intend to use it or not. Remember the adapter is powered by the USB, provided it is connected to a PC, tablet or smartphone. It comes in a rectangular shape just like a USB stick. The device measures 9cm and weighs 33.1 grams.

Able to Display or Stream Anything

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter has no limitation on what you can share with your devices. You can share photos; videos and PowerPoint presentations provided they are stored on your devices. Also, when you want to stream, there are no restrictions. When connected the device works immediately taking only some few seconds for your content to be mirrored. You will also not be worried when all you have is a smartphone; the device is compatible with a broad range of smartphone and tablets.


Q. Does is come with an HDMI extension?

A. Yes

Q. Does it require a WIFI router?

A. No, the adapter creates its connection

Q. Is it supported by old computers?

A. For any Windows computer, it must be Windows 8 and above


  • It does not require Internet connection to work
  • It simple to set up as you only have two connections
  • It applies the Miracast technology making it compatible with Windows PCs
  • It is easy to carry (pocket sized)
  • It requires no special app to work
  • It allows you to share everything and stream any content
  • It pairs quickly
  • Sound is synced during connection
  • It does not get hot easily
  • It lets you switch your language when using its app from Microsoft
  • Offers you a stable and unmatched video streaming


  • Your operating system should be updated (it is not supported by Windows 7 and all the earlier versions)
  • It can only work when the connection is within a range of 23 feet

Final Verdict

Despite the competition Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter faces, the product stands out from the rest. If you are looking for an adapter that will require no special application to connect, that has no limitation on what you can share or stream, that offers you unmatched video and audio quality when streaming then this is the product you should consider to buy. Luckily for me, it is the first product I bought, but I have tested other similar products, but none impressed me. So if you are looking for an easy way to modernize your meetings or a way to view your tablet, PC or tablet content on a big screen, I highly recommend this product.

Where to Buy This MS Display Adapter?

After a thorough search in the online market place we found the best place to buy is Amazon.com. You are eligible for a decent discount there as well as timely delivery without any inconvenience.

Here is a video review with how to install and use the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter:

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