Michael Graves Ironing board Review


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Michael Graves Ironing board Review

Do you have an iron box? Do you ever Iron your clothes? If yes, then you need to own an ironing board. When talking about an ironing board, it generally refers to a small portable table that is usually used for ironing clothes and fabric. It's on record that there is nothing easier to buy than an ironing board. Having a beautifully designed iron board and iron board covers are one of the happiest things in the laundry days. These boards usually come in different categories, and thus, you must be sure of the board you want to get for your home. Michael Graves is one renowned brand that offers the most quality products. One of its products that are known to exemplary perform well is the ironing board. Michael Graves's ironing board is one table that can fit your needs. Whether you are a heavy user or just iron once in a while, Michael Graves's board is the perfect option. On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at Michael Graves Ironing Board Review.


The Michael Graves Ironing board normally comes in four different sizes. The sizes start from A which is the most compact to D which is the most ergonomic. The size of the board is important in the sense that the larger the ironing board, the lesser distance you will have to move your clothing when ironing it. The following are the measurements for the four board sizes.

Size A ironing board-110 X30cm

Size B ironing board-124 x38cm

Size C ironing board -124X 45cm

Size D ironing board- 135 X45cm


The height of the ironing board is a very significant thing. A good height will protect you from back problems which you might encounter especially if you iron a lot. That is the reason Michael Graves ironing board is adjustable in height. The maximum and minimum height of the board vary depending on your preference and need. You can actually adjust the board to the point that you can iron comfortably while sitting. Never be worried about your height when it comes to ironing. Michael Graves ironing board is there to sort you out.


The Michael ironing board is generally designed to make your ironing comfortable and easier. The board is made using a 100% steam permeable materials. It’s also covered with a resilient foam layer and cotton padding. This is all to increase the pressure inside the board for faster ironing and enhanced steam flow. The feature also makes the board comfortable to use.The model has also been made using tough steel mesh material. Additionally, the steam control ironing board has an ironing surface that is waterproof with AquaBowl for easy tapping of the condensed steam. To enhance this, you can use a 3D textile technology ironing board cover to also boost the flow of steam and importantly your ironing speed.


It’s always embarrassing to have your ironing board accidentally collapsing. Moreover, it’s obvious that you don’t want your ironing board to collapse because children have pulled it at the lever. That is the major reason why Michael Graves ironing board comes with an integrated safety lock. The lock is specifically meant to prevent any form of collapsing and importantly prevent any accident that can about when ironing.


Adjustable height that is great

The safety lock usually keeps accident at a distance

Extremely sturdy ironing surface which also has a great build

It has a felt layer, thick cotton, and foam that can withstand any heat

Durable, easy to use and store.


Its fabric cover stains a little bit as a result of water

Relatively pricey compared to other models on the market


The Michael Graves Ironing board is actually one of the best boards available on the market today. Some of its major features include

It has a painted steel and galvanized surface that is specifically meant for ironing. The feature is coupled with two levers for closing and opening the board. This makes the board ideal for smooth day-to-day steam ironing activities.

Additionally, the board has numerous height options (about 10) for efficient level adjustments. This generally makes its handling comfortable from any side.

It’s lightweight, portable and very easy to store. It’s also made of a professional-grade ivory frame that makes it durable and easy to use.

The Michael Graves has a wide and padded ironing surface. The board comes with a warranty of 10 years.

The iron rest of the board is made of a plastic tray which basically makes it heat resistant. Importantly, the lock-in-place of the rest feature is what is designed to hold the iron box.

Has 18-inches wide professional-grade mesh surface. The surface is made of an environmentally friendly material and it’s very durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Does the board have an iron rest?

Yes, the Michaels Graves ironing board comes with a metal steam iron rest that’s adjustable for both right and left sides.

2) Does it fold flat for storage?

Yes it folds flat

3) Does the height adjustment so that you can sit down to iron?

Yes, the height of this ironing board is able to adjust all the way down.


In summary, the Michael Graves iron board is one great equipment that you can miss in your house. If you want to have a taste of all the good things that come with ironing boxes, the Michael Graves board is what you need to get for your home. The iron board will offer you an iron rest feature, professional grade mesh surface, efficient level adjustments, levers for closing and opening of the board among many others. Importantly, this is one board that allows you to iron while sitting. This all because the board is able to adjust all the way down to the point of your preference. If you a perfect performance when doing your ironing, make an appointment getting yourself a Michael Graves ironing board.