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Logitech Wireless Speaker z515 Review

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This Logitech Wireless Speaker z515 is a rechargeable speaker that delivers full rich stereo sound that is portable and can be used with your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or laptop to take with you wherever you travel. There is also an aux-in slot for plugging in non-Bluetooth sources. Although most reviews advertise the Logitech wireless speakers for iPad and iPhone, they can also be paired with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

This wireless technology with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability lets you enjoy your music up to 50 feet (15 meters) away from your device with no cumbersome cables attached. Of course there are some environmental conditions and settings of your speakers that will affect the quality and clarity. You will need to adjust these accordingly.

With an internal rechargeable battery, the maximum battery life of Logitech wireless speaker z515 is 10 hours depending on the use and again environmental conditions. And remember all rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and so you will have to replace it periodically.

Wireless computer speakers let you listen to your voice files, radio stations or music anywhere in your house, on your patio, by the pool, even in your garage. Just set it up, adjust the settings on your computer, and enjoy.

Reviews for Logitech wireless speaker z515 range from poor to excellent with the majority of people being very satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend others purchase it. The sound for the size of the speaker was generally thought of as very good with a lot of detail and clarity, however lacking in bass. Most people found it easy to pair with their devices. Suggestions for those seeking more bass rich sound were to purchase higher quality Logitech wireless speakers. Some Logitech Wireless Speaker z515 reviews stated it overall was better than other Bluetooth speakers they had tried.

The design of Logitech wireless speaker z515 is fairly basic and no nonsense with a grill covering the drivers with lights indicating battery level and wireless connection status. The on/off button is situated at the back with 2 volume controls where there is also a fold out stand. Its slightly concave shape makes it easy to carry and it comes with a carrying case for portability.

The general opinion was that for the price and size of these Logitech Wireless Speakers z515 and the freedom it delivered, it was a purchase well worth it.

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