List of Foods to Control Belly Fats

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You must have a good control over your diet to get a flat belly. Choosing foods in your diet is the key to a nice belly. Here I’m going to list some foods which aid you get a flat belly.

  • Almonds, Nuts and Nut Butters

These foods contain mono unsaturated fats that lose your belly fat more than foods containing the same calories with less fat. These foods contain healthy fats and it helps in building muscles and also attacks obesity and heart diseases.

  • Legumes and Beans.

This will help you to burn fat and build muscle. It also fights against obesity, heart diseases, blood pressure etc. Beans are considered as a great belly flattening food rich in fiber.

  • Green and leafy vegetables

Try to include as much vegetables as possible in your diet. These are one of the best foods against belly fat. Spinach neutralizes the molecules that accelerate the aging process.

  • Fruits

Everyone loves eating fruits. If not , consume as much healthy fruit as possible. Apples, watermelon and many other  fruits help you to flatten your belly. Watermelon is filled with full water and that helps to flush out water that are not required for your system.

  • Kale and oatmeal

Kale helps you to reduce bloating in your belly and also increases metabolism. Oatmeal contains a lot of fiber and it helps you get a flat belly.

  • Whole grains

People who consume whole grains have a less belly fat. So try to include whole grains in your diet. Air popped Popcorn and Quinoa are best for your belly. Quinoa is also rich in proteins that helps to maintain a flat belly.

  • Low fat yogurt

It is rich in calcium and also it fights bloating

Keep these foods in your diet  for a flat belly and enjoy the result. Also don’t forget to do exercises. Combination of both – proper dieting and exercising is the key to get a flat belly.