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Lawn Trimmer Equipments – Lawn Edger Types


If you want your to attain perfection in maintaining your lawn, using a mower is not enough.

A lawn mower trimmer will help you to keep the lawn looking beautiful and healthy, not excluding its edges.

This device will also provide a better cutting of grass that has been skipped by a lawn mower.

A lawn mower trimmer will help you in regular maintenance of your lawn, and very soon you will discover the grass growing healthier, stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

There is no need to use a trimmer every time you mow the lawn, but with this great machine you will have a chance to trim the grass every time you think the edges need some correction.

They come in a wide range of brands, styles, models and designs. So it is possible to choose the most appropriate one.

They are available in gardening stores and online in numerous catalogs, so it will not be a problem to find the whole variety of them.

However, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs. That is why it is important to understand the difference between the main types of these devices.

They distinguish three types of the lawn trimmers: corded electric trimmers, cordless battery powered trimmers and gas powered trimmers.

Corded electric trimmers

These trimmers are comfortable in use and the only source of power they need is electric energy. You simply plug it into an electric outlet and enjoy perfecting your lawn.

They are relatively light weight – their weight is only five pounds, so it can be easily operated any adult member of your family.

The length of the cord usually allows you to move around in the radius of one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet from an electric outlet in the house. It is quite enough for a small garden, back or front yard.

One of the main advantages of electric corded lawn trimmers is their cheap cost in comparison with other types.

The only disadvantage of these trimmers is the cord which has to be dragged around while mowing the lawn.

Cordless electric trimmers

These lawn trimmers are perfect for the homeowners who have a small and relatively simple area to trim.

They are extremely convenient in use as there is no cord to run over, but at the same time they are heavier than corded version because of the installed batteries.

Depending on the type of a battery and charging time an electric cordless lawn trimmer can last from ten to forty five minutes.

But usually you need around twenty minutes to do the trimming in the whole area of your lawn or garden.

This variety is the least powerful compared to the other types of lawn trimmers.

One serious disadvantage of them is the necessity to change the batteries after several years of use, and they are quite expensive.

It is easy to maintain and store this trimmer: it will not occupy to much space and needs only to be wiped with a wet cloth after every use.

Gas powered trimmers

Gas trimmers are the most powerful, they are perfectly suitable to trim even thick weeds in your garden.

They are available in around seventeen inch wide cutting path. It is also the best choice in case your lawn is of large size.

At the same time, they are quite heavy – approximately eight to fourteen pounds. Also, they are noisy, and it takes some efforts to start them.

However, all these inconveniences are compensated by the excellent results these trimmers deliver.

Two cycle gas trimmers require mixing gas and oil before starting the job. Four cycle gas trimmers are the best. They are the most environmentally friendly among all the gas powered moving devices as they do not emit a big amount of harmful pollutants.

The prices vary, but in general you can get a high quality lawn trimmer for around two hundred dollars.

Among the most popular models there are trimmers of the following brands: MTD, Toro, Weed Eater, Black & Decker and many more.

They usually come with a warranty period, ranging from one to five years, so do not forget about this factor while purchasing your perfect trimmer.