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Lawn Tractors – Top 5 Reviews


The mower technology has evolved over the decades into the modern machines that are sleeker, lighter and still more durable and efficient than the traditional ones.

What’s more, they require a lot less effort to get a much better job than the traditional mowers. Gone are the days of push behind mowers, today we have self propelling electric mowers even riding mowers which make lawn mowing a breeze.

Here are the top five mowers that are not just about performance but also come at low prices.

Tank S from Cub Cadet

This lawn tractor costs around $14000- $15000, while the price looks high, it is completely justified in the performance.

With 37 HP engine powering your mower you can cut as much as 7.5 acres of lawn within an hour. Imagine the grass area you can cover with this mower.

The two cylinder engine comes with hydraulic power steering to make manoeuvring a simple task.

Not just that it also has zero turn feature so you can tackle the area under the shrubs and trees with more control.

Suspension seat with padded arm rest and a large cup holder just add comfort to the whole experience.

The unit also has a technology where the cutting deck can be washed simple by fitting the garden hose in the deck hole.

X749 Ultimate Tractor from John Deere

If you are looking for some real luxury in your lawn mower, then look no further than the X749 from John Deere. This comes with a high back seat that is fully adjustable.

It can be set in six different angles and can be moved up to 7 inches forward or back. Not just the seat, even the steering wheel can be adjusted to suit the operator’s posture.

Top all this with headlights, tail lights, and connections to sunshade and fan you are looking at true luxury.

Of course, it is not all about luxury, it also has 24 HP engine with three cylinders and a 12 V electric outlet for your cellphone too. This unit is priced at $14000

Turf Tiger from Scag

The Turf Tiger lawn tractor is kind of an odd entry in this list, because it is a lot slower than the other mowers here which run at around 15 mph.

However, it does make up for it in comfort and style. The padded seats with armrests ensure you have a comfortable time mowing the lawn.

The cup holder allows you to carry beverage or any other drink while you mow. You also have a digital meter to keep track of the wear and tear in the mower.

You get timely indications for maintenance. The chrome wheels just make the whole unit look fantastic overall.

You also have halogen lights to allow mowing in the dark. This unit is priced attractively at $10,000 to $13,000.

Super Z from Hustler Turf Equipment

If you are looking at raw mower performance to the max, then Hustler’s Super Z is the unit to look out for.

It can move swiftly at 15 mph and can cut grass for 40 hours a week without any problem. With the blades spinning at 18700 feet/ min you are looking at perfect grass clippings.

The fuel tank capacity is 14.4 gallons which will keep you running the whole day without any problems.

You also have some comfort features like flexible seat which emulates a rocking chair on your mower. It also have strip roller feature and a hydraulically controlled deck.

Running Blade from Team Running Blade

This lawn tractor has quite a history behind it. On 4th July 2006 Bob Cleveland set a world record of riding a mower at 80 mph.

This inspired Stephen Vokins to challenge the record. Once he recovered from a heart surgery and returned from the hospital, he got together with some superb engineers to design the fastest lawn mower.

May 22nd 2010, the team Running Blade came out with Running blade which topped at the speed of 87 mph. So if you cannot purchase a mower, just build one!