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Best Lawn Mowing Robot 2021

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Today technology is automating a lot of the work for us. While lawn mowing may seem to be the last thing on our mind, there are some brands that have already come out with the product for this.

Of course, being new and completely automatic it is no surprise that these mowers cost a fortune. However people feel the steep costs of the robot lawn mower pays back in terms of comfort and convenience.

What is Robot Lawn Mower

As the name suggests the lawn mowing robot is an automatic lawn mower that can handle the mowing of the lawn without any human intervention. Of course, for the mower to work you need to first setup the infrastructure of guiding wires which will guide the mower across the mowing area.

This in itself is a tiresome task, but it is a onetime effort. Some new brands of mowers can actually work even without these guiding wires.


The best thing about the lawn mowing robot is that it is very safe way of mowing the lawns, besides the convenience factor.

When this mower is working, there need not be any human close to it, so there is no chance of any debris accidentally flying over and hurting someone.

Typically, these mowers also have another important safety feature where they will avoid or back off if they hit any obstacle which reduces the chances of any accidents.

Another useful safety feature in these mowers is that the rotating blades will stop moving as soon as someone picks it up.

The Cost

When it comes to the cost factor, there are two kinds of owners who find these mower robots to be quite effective and worth their price. The first are people who give the contract of the lawn mowing to a professional company. The recurring costs of the consultants and professionals form the company adds up with every passing month, and in the long run the robot is a much cheaper alternative.

The second set of people is those who prefer comfort of their homes to working hard in the open. With the robot lawn mower, they can just sit back indoors or finish some other important work, while the lawn gets mowed. Besides, with the robot, the mowing would be thorough and complete.

Since most of these robots are electric, they also use non-polluting technology which reduces your carbon foot print. Besides, some of these are solar powered, so they can recharge themselves while they are out in the open too.

Friendly Robotics Robomower RL850

This is one of the latest and most effective robot mowers in the market. It is great for lawns up to quarter acre.

Since it operates independently, it needs to have very good safety features. It is an all weather mower, so it works well even when there is a rainfall. Besides other safety features along with remote control make it a great robot mower.

Typically, the robot mowers have a low cutting height, but this model comes with a good 3” maximum cutting height which means it can also be used in warmer climates too.

The Drawbaacks

This mower works well up to a slop of 15 degrees, anything beyond that, it may not perform well. So if you are looking to purchase this mower you need to take this factor into consideration.

Another drawback with this mower is that it needs to be taken to the starting point manually, it cannot be automatically or remotely taken there – however this minor manual work can save you lot of time and effort which is invaluable.