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Lawn Mower Recall


The Lawn mowers are some of the most useful and certainly more expensive investments that you make from the maintenance of your house.

The precision with which they need to perform and the potential danger one can face while using them, it is important that only the best mowers are released in the market. It is no surprise then that even a minor complaint is analyzed carefully by the makers.

Lawn mower recall is a good way to notify users of the potential threat with a mower design. This is also an effective way for the company to ensure that the customers are not in danger for using incorrectly designed or created products.

There are some very popular lawn mower recall instances; in some cases a single complaint has led to the recall. Given below are some lawn mower recalls from some of the best names in the industry.

Honda Recall: July 2008

In July 2008, Honda decided to recall its HRX mowers. The problem identified was a defective shield which would not protect the user from debris being thrown back at the operator.

This was a very serious flaw in the design and hence Honda initiated the recall after just a single complaint from a customer.

The threat in this case was laceration risk for the user, when the faulty shield breaks off.

The models that were recalled in this case were HRX217(K)2HXA and HRX217(K)2HMA.

The suggestion solution by Honda for this problem was for the customers to stop using the mower and have it inspected at the nearest dealer for problems and fixes.

The defective mowers would be repaired for free. For further details one could contact Honda customer care division too. All the registered users had been contacted through mail communication.

Kubota Recall: March 2009

This was a unique case in which the manufacturer conducted a voluntary check on some models and found a fire hazard in one of the models.

Kubota had carried out an inspection with CPSC and found that the carburetor on some of their zero turning riding mowers was faulty.

This meant that the fuel in these mowers could leak leading to a potential fire hazard.

The recalled mowers were all driven by V-twin gasoline engines and had 48”, 54” and 60” cutting deck sizes.

These mowers had 22 hp or 27 hp engines and the model numbers included ZG222, ZG227 and ZG327.

The suggested precautionary measure from Kubota was to stop using the mowers immediately and have them inspected by the nearest Kubota service center. All the users with the respective model numbers and the affected serial numbers were given a free inspection and carburetor replacement. People could also contact Kubota customer care for more details on the same.

Briggs & Stratton Recall: October 2010

Briggs & Stratton is a very well known brand that makes Craftsman riding lawn mowers. While there are many distribution channels for their mowers, the ones sold at Sears between February 2010 and May 2010 seemed to have a problem.

The side discharge chute was not properly secured to the main body of the mower. There was single complaint about the screw from the chute falling off and getting thrown as a projectile from the side chute. Though there was no harm to any human, a window was broken.

Briggs and Stratton decided to recall the product after this single complaint. The model number of this defective riding lawn mower was 107.28034.

As a step to notify the customers, Briggs & Stratton sent out a communication to all the users to get in touch with their nearest Sears store for a thorough inspection and repair. Even Sears sent out communications to all their customers who purchased these products from them.