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Lawn Mower Problems

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Lawn mowers have been very useful because it has an important role in seeing to it that your lawn looks presentable and attractive in all seasons.

However, lawn mowers are very expensive, so, it is worthy of being recommended that cautiously, it must be taken care of.

Small problems that come up must be fixed by you, before deciding to throw it away and purchase a new one.

Common problems require simple solutions. Follow these easy steps when an unexpected problem arises.

Read Your Manual

Check the user manual. List of possible lawn mower problems that you may encounter are included in the manual.

For instance, your lawn mower will not start, checking the manual, it will advise you to check whether you have drained the gas on the last time you have used it.

Usually every lawn mower manual contain safety guide, how to operate the mower, how to do the maintenance and storage, troubleshooting for cutting conditions, and their technical specifications

Please understand and read carefully the instructions especially before and while doing operation

If you can’t find any solution to your problems then you might want to do the second step

Search online

Use the Internet to check for the possible troubleshooting for your problems. There are numerous sites that can provide countermeasures on some common lawn mower problems. And one of them is this site.

There are several solution that this site offered, such as:

DIY Lawn Mower Repair on common problems

For lawn mower engines repair, you can check on instructions for lawn mower repairs and Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

Instructions For Lawn Mower Repairs - How To Remove Flywheel From Lawnmower

Guide to lawn mower spark plug maintenance, include how do you remove a spark plug in a lawn mower and how to change a spark plug on a lawn mower.

Click here for more information on How to Repair Lawn Mower on each brand of lawn mower

Repair Shop

If you can’t find solution to your problems online then better to take to repair shop.

For larger repair shop usually for basic tune up such as sharpen blade, change oil, clean main jet on carb, everything else is extra. Usually this will bill you around $160 plus tax.

But if you're on a budget, you can go to small repair shop where they charge around $50 plus parts. of course you'll have to look around and bargain.

As there is extra cost to do the repair, make sure that your mower are worth it. If you have an old mower better to buy a new one then do the repair cause sometimes the cost to repair much more expensive than buying a new one.