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Lawn Mower Oil – How to Change

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Oil is considered as the life blood of the lawn mower.

In the absence of oil, your lawn mower will not take long because it can't last without it.

Lawn mower oil is the next basic need after the gasoline. Lubrication or oiling is a process done to reduce or minimize the friction in two sliding surfaces using oil that serves as a slippery and smooth substance between them.

Whenever parts of the engine are in motion, molecules of oil rolls over another molecule just like tiny small bearings.

Oil then is considered to be the most important and essential lubricant for small engines such as the lawn mower because it is the only lubrication that the engine alone needs.

Every time that you are preparing to mow your lawn, make sure that you have checked the oil level of your lawn mower.

If it is necessary to add oil, put some but not much and check out the reading using the oil stick.

Running your lawn mower without enough oil quantity in it will easily result to engine malfunctions and fixing the problem with your technician will cost you more.

Checking the oil prior to the start of the operation is very important.

Recommend Oil

Generally, the kind of oil that is recommended in gasoline powered like the lawn mower is the SAE 30 type. Yet, you can use also 10W-30 or 10W-40 type, but if you're in uncertainty, you must check the lawn mower's user manual for the manufacturer's suggestion on the type of oil to be used in your lawn mower model.

On the other hand, synthetic lawn mower oils are now available in the market. They are expensive compared to the conventional petroleum-based oil.

The main feature of this synthetic oil is that it stays cooler compared to the regular oil, resulting to lesser deterioration on the engine.

These synthetic oils are from materials such as carbon monoxide, methane and carbon dioxide. On the contrary, regular oil came from crude oil but most of the time; many contaminants are with it.

Step by step Lawn Mower Oil Change

It is recommended that oil must be changed every after 25 hours of accumulated use of the lawn mower. A simple procedure below will guide you on how to change your lawn mower oil.

Step 1:

Operate your lawn mower for a span of at least five minutes before draining the oil.

Step 2:

Take out the oil dipstick and rub it with oil.

Step 3:

The drain pan must be positioned next to the side of the lawn mower casing the dipstick tube.

Step 4:

Move upward and tilt the lawn mower on the direction that is opposite on the dipstick. The two wheels located on the sides of the dipstick tube must be on the ground, while the two opposite side wheels must be raised till the deck of the lawn mower is in the perpendicular towards the ground.

Step 5:

Make sure that the top of the dipstick tube is on the center in respect to the drain pan. Continue raising the opposite side of the lawn mower till the oil flows freely out of the dipstick tube.

Step 6:

Return the mower on its upright position. Add 0.5 quarts of oil on the dipstick tube. Clean the dipstick and insert it into the tube until it is on the fully seated location. Check the oil after removing the dipstick. Additional oil must be added until the “full” mark has been reached.

Step 7:

Put back the dipstick.

Step 8:

Put in a 6-inch funnel on an empty bottle and drain the oil used from the drain pan. Seal the bottle that contains the used oil and bring it on your local oil recycling station for disposal.