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Lawn Mower Mufflers

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A muffler is a very necessary part of a lawn mower or any small engine for that matter.

No, not the kind that keeps you warm in winter but a specially designed engine part that dampens the sound of the combustion.

Engines make noise, think thousands of tiny explosions and you will get the picture. Before the invention of the muffler we all had to learn to live with a certain level of noise from anything that had an engine.

There have even been neighbors feuding because of it. Imagine you are trying to sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday Morning and get awakened by the deafening sound of hundreds of decibels. Yes, the lawn mower muffler is the friend that keeps peace in the community.

Lawnmower Mufflers are in general the principle the same as a car muffler, in as much as they do the same job. The difference is that the lawn mower muffler works on the same principle as the "dog whistle". It takes the sound waves and increases them until they are on a wave length that is above the level of human hearing. While the car muffler uses a system of baffles to move the sound around until one wave cancels out another.

Most mufflers use some real neat technology to control the level of noise that is released by the machines engine.

The lawnmower mufflers are designed to stop the noise of over 107 decibles from not only destroying the tranquility of a neighborhood but to also save the hearing of the person using it and near it.

Sounds above 120 decibels can lead to hearing loss, the average lawn mower emits over 107 decibels, this may seem well within tolerance range but hearing loss can also happen because of the length of exposure to this level of noise. A lot of cities and even neighborhoods have put a ban on noises at a certain level. This is one of the things you have to consider when you purchase a mower.

Replacing Lawn Mower Mufflers

If you have a lawn mower and the sound seems to continually increase or tend to be noisy anyway - most particular in the cheaper models, you may need to replace it.

There really isn’t much you can do by way of repairing it. Most two cycle lawn mowers have mufflers designed to fit them and these are not interchangeable. You have to find the right model for the brand and model that you own.

Here is how you gonna do:

  • Make certain all the nuts and bolts are as tight as they should be.
  • See if the muffler is rusted or just plain old then replace it, they are relatively inexpensive.
  • Alternatively you can look for an after market replacement that is designed to be quieter than the factory installed models.
  • Please note that for a 2 stroke engine the muffler is need so the lawn mower can have proper operation and substitute it may seems difficult

To replace old mufflers to the new one in order to reduce the noise, this can be done if the mower runs properly but if your mower has the sounds of backfiring every other stroke, then you have problems with ignition timing, mixture, valves, etc not with the muffler.

The better the muffler design the quieter it will be. But you also have to be aware of one simple fact although some mufflers will cut the noise level it may also affect the efficiency and power of the lawn mower itself. It can also increasing fuel consumption.

Beware! There are handy men who have tried to invent a “better mouse trap” as it were and their stories can be found all over the web. If you are in need of a new lawn mower muffler we strongly suggest you stick with factory approved mufflers only. There is a little thing called a warranty and the muffler being replaced with an unrecognized brand or if it is not replaced by a certified technician it amy ruin the warranty.