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Lawn Mower History

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Lawn mowers have been around for a long time, helping the gardeners and home owners to keep their lawns beautiful, tidy, healthy and green.

Lawnmowers were invented in the 30es of the 19th century in England: a country with a record number of lawns. The inventor' was Edwin Beard Budding, an engineer from Gloucestershire.

Old Lawn Mower History - The First Model

Of course, the first model of lawn mower was quite different from what we get used to deal with today, but the general principle of work is still the same.

The inventor got his idea by watching how a cutting cylinder, mounted on a bench, was working to trim the cloth. He realized that the grass can be cut in a similar way, and after a few experiments the first lawn mower machine in the history of the human race was ready.

Budding made partners with another engineer -- John Ferrabee, and they started to make lawn mowers in one of the factories in Stroud. After that they licensed other manufacturing companies to produce lawn mowers.

These machines were created with a cylinder for cutting the grass in front of a big rear roller. The power was transmitted to this cylinder by a gear mechanism.

Chain Driven Lawn Mower History

In the end of 50ies a chain driven lawn mower was invented by Thomas Green. It was a great achievement as a new model of a lawn mower was much lighter, and therefore ensured a greater freedom of action while mowing.

Besides, the chain driven machine produced much less noise. However, they were rather expensive, so not every home owner could afford the luxury of having it.

This situation was improved when a sidewheel lawn mower was invented: this model had wheels from both sides of the cylinder. These machine, unlike chain driven ones, were light weight and rather cost effective. They rapidly gained a huge popularity all over the world.

Different manufacturers developed and improved the lawn mowers over the years. One of the most popular manufacturing companies was Ransomes Automation, In fact it is still one of the biggest lawn mowers manufacturers.

Thanks to the engineers of this company a petrol engine machine saw the world in the beginning of the last century. This model was extremely popular till the WW1.

After the war there was a boost in lawn mowers production and sales. More and more people prefer living outside the city, with a little garden and a lawn near the house. Qualcast and Atco companies became extremely popular in this period and even these days they still offer us their goods.

And Now...

Since than different models of lawn mowers were invented in various countries.

Today we have a chance to enjoy the benefits of rotary hover lawn mowers. Also, we have a lawn mowers with sits to simplify the process of the lawn maintenance on larger territories.

It is hard to find a single home owner with a garden who would not have this useful and functional machine in his garden cabin and shed. A lawn mower has proven to be an extremely beneficial invention for a mankind.