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Lawn Mower Engines – Types & Brands


Lawn mowers have been used all around the world to trim the lawns and make them look great. They have evolved a great deal from the original push behind mowers to the more modern riding lawn mowers.

The most important part of a lawn mower is its engine. Lawn mower engines are vital in propelling the mower in the walk behind and then riding mower at the same time they are also important in spinning the blades to cut the grass.

Typically based on the action of the mower there are two kinds of engines:

  • Cylindrical mowers: 

    These were one of the first mowers and are quite popular even today. These mowers have cylindrical blade construction that rolls over the grass while trimming it. These are very popular in the simple domestic mower designs.
  • Rotary Mowers: 

    These were invented much later when the engines became small enough, light enough and powerful enough to be fitted into mowers. There are many advantages of the rotary kind of mowers. The cutting deck size can be adjusted to suit the mowing needs and the engine power can be increased to suit the blade and cutting efficiency. 

    Besides these mowers have a horizontal assembly, so they can be placed in front, at the rear of just below the user in riding mowers. The rotary mowers can also be used for mulching which is quite an important step in lawn mowing.

The lawn mower engines are also classified based on the source of energy.

  • Gasoline engines: 

    These are some of the most popular and widely used engines in lawn mowers. They are quite powerful and a lot of innovation has gone into these mowers. The modern gas engines are highly efficient, less polluting and make much less noise when used. Besides, they are a natural extension of the regular engines used to propel the mowers.
  • Electric Corded Engines: 

    These are used mainly for domestic mowing and trimming. These engines are powered by electricity and are very eco friendly. The range over which you can use them is limited by the length of the cord you have. So if you have a relatively larger lawn, you would need to have multiple extension cords.
  • Electric cordless Engines: 

    These are battery powered electric engines that are portable. All you need to do is charge the battery and then carry it around the lawn to mow it. Typically, being battery powered, these are not very powerful engines and are good for smaller lawns. The mower is also made from light material with a smaller cutting deck. 

    A variation of this cordless electric engine mower is the hover mower. In this case the spinning blades push the air downwards to create an air cushion that helps maintain the grass clipping height. All you do is move the hover mower on top of the grass and they will automatically be cut in proper size.

These are some of the basic mower engine types. You can find many brands that manufacture these engines themselves which some brands fit in the most popular and proven engines in their mowers. The horsepower, energy source and capacity of the mower engines are important factors which choosing a mower.

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