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Lawn Mower Comparison


When it comes to buying a good lawn mower there is always confusion.

It is always good to know more about the lawn mower functions as it gives you better knowledge to pick the right model.

However, the more you know, the tougher it gets to pick the right model.

Besides, having hundreds of brands with their unique and special models, choosing one cannot get tougher than that.

Unfortunately, discussing with friends and relatives could potentially complicate the issue further rather than solve it.

So here are a few comparison tips you can use before purchasing your next lawn mower.

Lawn mower Comparison Tips

Discharge Type

There are three standard discharge options you can look for in your mower: Side discharge, rear discharge with bagging and mulching.

While side discharge is a common feature the other two may not be available in all models.

If you have a small lawn that you can rake after mowing, then side discharge is good enough as these mowers are less expensive.

The rear bagging is good if you want to dispose the cut grass and it is ideal for larger lawns.

Mulching is a process that cuts the grass into small clippings which can then be returned back to the lawn as fertiliser.

This is great option if you mow your lawn regularly, if not, mulching can clog your cutting deck.

​Starting the Mower

While not many people would think this is that important, the starting mechanism in your mower could very well decide how frequently you would mow your lawn.

The traditional mowers had a rope start which required priming of the motor.

The rope start is a very tedious process and requires a lot of effort.

As a result people with frail structures and older adults with mobility challenges may not take to such mowers.

The newer electric start mowers are much easier to start and they have a push-button start option.

Avoid buying one that didn't have starting with rope as your second option, just in case for back up if your push button didn't work

Cutting Decks

Cutting deck is is a flat surface made to cover the blade which cuts the grass underneath it and it is made of 3 material; aluminium, steel or plastic. Aluminium is lighter and rust resistance from stainless steel but it costs more. While steel is usually used in heavy mowers and you can always avoid rusting of steel with proper care.

The width of deck is variety: 3 feet (as in typical walk behind mowers) or 6 feet (as in ride on mowers).

If you are someone who prefers to finish the lawn mowing quickly, you must opt for larger cutting deck mowers. Because the larger the cutting deck, the larger the area it covers and hence less the time it takes to mow the lawn.

However, larger cutting deck means bulkier and heavier mower so mowing would take a lot more power and effort. Secondly, the price also goes up.

Front Wheel or Rear Wheel Drive

While choosing a ride-on lawnmower you have the option of getting front wheel or a rear wheel drive.

Some people have given the review that they like front wheel drive more as compared to the rear one, because it gives them greater control over the mower.

Grass Cutting Height

Ideally you want the flexibility of adjusting the cutting heights of your mower to give your lawn the perfect look.

However, not all mowers allow for simple height adjustment. While the modern mowers allow the flexibility of adjusting the cutting height by moving levers, the older and economical mowers may not offer this luxury.

Some mowers may actually require you to remove the wheels to adjust the cutting height. This usually happens in inexpensive push mower and for such mowers you are better off setting it at the highest level and leave it there.

Turning Radius

This is another very important factor in lawn mowers, especially if you're thinking to buy riding mowers.

If you want to cut the grass finely closer to the flower beds and through narrow space, choose mower that have a pivoting technique in them, making them free to move so they can move around more tightly.

The smaller the turning radius of your mower, the easier it is to mow the tough spots.

However if you are buying one of these mowers you need to be a little careful while mowing around your flower beds as they would not be in your full control unless you become a pro in riding them.

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