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Lawn Mower Blades – Type You Need

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So what do you do when your lawn mover breaks a blade and you have to replace it – where do you go and what do you do to find the correct lawnmower blades.

Of course there are a lot of blades on the market, but you need to consider exactly what kind your particular brand of mower will need.

Not to say that blades of a different brand cannot fit your mower – of course they can, but if you are going to go in for a different make of blade, you need to make sure that it's dimensions will fit your mower correctly and moreover that it is of a reputable brand that manufactures it's blades of good steel that will not lose it's edge too quickly, and that can be resharpened if necessary.

Yes, this is important – don't just go for the cheapest alternative, you might find that you have bought lawnmower blades that are made of soft steel, instead of carbon steel as a good blade should be, and soft steel will dull quickly, and be warped or bent easily if it comes into contact with stones or even hard clods of dirt.

How do you determine the types of blades

So how do you determine the types of mower blades? First you need to check the model number of the mower.

This is generally located on the mower itself – you'll find it on the motor, perhaps, or if it isn't there, then it will be located on the outer casing of the mower.

Then it's crucial to ensure that the diameter of the holes in the middle of the lawnmower blades you buy is of a size that will fit the shank in your mower.

The diameter of this hole varies from model to model and from one brand to another, even in mowers that are otherwise very, very similar, so you need to be certain of the kind of blade you buy.

The best thing that you could do would be to dismantle the old blade, that is to say, to remove it from the mower and take it to the store with you, so that there can be no error in the kind of blade you're buying.

Now when you get to the store you'll find that there are a good many blades available by many companies, many of which will fit your mower perfectly.

Remember that you must not at all buy some cheap substitute mower blades that are not made of high grade carbon steel.

Remember that thousands of people are injured every year in mower accident, and that a cheap blade will tend to come apart if it hits a rock, perhaps resulting in shards of metal flying around, with potentially lethal results.

Of course this varies from mower to mower - push lawn mower blades, for example, need not be of the same grade of steel as more powerful versions of lawn mower, like riding lawn mower blades or rotary lawnmower blades because powered mower blades often move that over three thousand rounds per minute – at those speeds, substandard lawn mower blades can have disastrous consequences.

At the same time, you should understand that the company that makes your mower will probably sell spare parts for it at a premium, that is to say, a good deal more expensive than any other company.

What you really need to do when you want to replace a blade, whether it is for a hand mover, or a riding one or even if you need electric mower blades, is to shop around a bit and look carefully at all the alternatives.

You'll find that there are perfectly good manufacturers out there, who manufacture excellent blade of high quality steel, that are still a good deal cheaper than the prices of the lawn mower blades the manufacturer of your mower will charge for exactly the same part. So why not avail of a good deal – all it will cost you is the minimal effort needed to examine different options.

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