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Lawn Mower Blade Grinder

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It is an instrument that is utilized for keeping a lawn mower functional and effective.

Lawn mower blades are an important part of the machine: if they are not properly sharpened, the quality of cutting will leave much yo be desired.

What would be the negative effect of tearing the grass instead of cutting it? The torn edges of the grass will turn brown in a while, as the damage causes the loss of moisture from the grass leaves. Needless to say, weakened grass would become less disease resistant. So, it is obvious that both appearance and health of the grass are affected by the dull blades.

And this is not the only loss for a lawn mower owner if he or she cuts the grass with a dull blade. The problem is that the engine has to work harder to cut the grass, and this strain will definitely shorten the service period of the engine. And it also takes much more petrol to operate a mower with a dull blade.

That is why the blades have to be sharpened on a regular basis to ensure high quality mowing, and a good lawn mower blade grinder will come very much in handy. A professional blade grinder or a high quality bench grinder will serve the purpose perfectly well.

Simple way to do it

The most challenging part of the sharpening process is to remove the lawn mower blade.

First of all, you should disable the spark plug wire: the consequences can be the most unpredictable in case the mower starts by chance.

It is recommended to use a blade holder in order to remove the blade. Before the sharpening make sure there is not remaining dry grass or other particles on the blade.

The manual for the lawn mower blade grinder will indicate the right angle of the blade that should be maintained during sharpening.

Typically this angle is around forty degrees. A wider angle will not provide sufficient quality of sharpening, and sharper angle can cause some damages.

The best cut is provided by a milled edge grinder, therefore this type of sharpeners is highly recommended when it comes to sharpening lawn mower blades.

There is no need to remove all the nicks from a blade: several nicks are acceptable, but if you damage your blade too much, there is no other ways but to replace it.

Use a lawn mower blade balancer to check whether you've done a good job with even sharpening of the blade's edges. This step should not be skipped as a bent blade can damage the machine in the process of mowing.

In case it is bent just a little, the mistake is correctable by means of a grinder. But if the blade is seriously bent, it is better to replace it at once as it can be dangerous in use.

Good maintenance is one of the conditions of lawn mower's long life and perfect service. And sharpening the blades is one of the components of this maintenance.

All the biggest specialized manufacturing companies include the lawn mower blade grinder into the list of the goods they produce.