Lawn Mower Attachments – Must Have

Top 5 Must Have Lawn Mower Attachments

Lawn mowers are great equipments to maintain your lawn in prime condition. Regardless of which model you decide to purchase, there are always some things that you should check.

Besides, the basic things like engine power, blade quality, and ease of use, you must also look at the accessories and attachments you can get with the unit.

With time, any mower becomes hackneyed and loses its charm. The only thing that will keep the interest levels high enough week after week, season after season is the attachment that you can use with the mower. So let’s look at the top lawn mower attachments.

Lawn Mower Bags

Lawn Boy Replacement  Bag Kit With Frame

Lawn Boy Replacement  Bag Kit With Frame

It may seem surprising to consider bag as an attachment since it comes as a part of the package with most mowers with bagging ability.

But it is not part of the basic mower design. If you choose the bagger function, then you need to attach it. In fact, in certain mower models, you get dual bagger feature where you can bag greater quantities of grass clippings in dual bag compartments. So the bags are great attachments to have with your mower.

Mulching kit

Mulching kit

Mulching kit

There are many mowers which come with a simple mulching solution. You just close the side discharge outlet you have a mulcher.

While this works well, for real good mulching the better mower manufacturers have a separate mulching kit.

This typically comes with more blades, more compartments and special design to ensure that grass can be cut into real small pieces without clogging the deck. So if you want to mulch your cut grass, getting this attachment is a great idea.

Besides these two, there are many lawn mower attachments that go with the riding lawn mowers and riding tractors.




This is a unique unit that can be used to distribute seeds or fertilizers or pesticides in the lawn while you ride the mower.

Depending on what you do, you can either use the spreader with your mowing function or use the spreader separately after you have mowed and cleaned up the lawn.

The spreader is like an additional unit that your connect to your mower and as you propel the mower ahead the spreader is towed along with it.

Utility Cart

utility cart

utility cart

If you have a large lawn and do more than just mow it, then having a sturdy utility cart is not a bad idea.

Most times your riding mower is powerful enough to tow heavy items like lawn maintenance tools, mud, fertilizers, new plants, etc. you don’t have to struggle getting them to different places in your lawn.

Just drop them into the utility cart and attach it to the mower. Just tow it to the desired place and finish your work.

Sun Shade

Zero Turn Lawn Mower Sun Shade

Zero Turn Lawn Mower Sun Shade

This is probably indulging yourself to a treat, but why not. If you are out there in your lawn mowing it and sipping cold juice, why not have a shade on top of your head.

This is not a common attachment, but some manufacturers do provide it. All you do is attach it to your seat and you have cool shade on top of your hear.