Lawn Care Franchises Review

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Of you have a desire to get engaged into the lawn care business, there are two options you can choose form: to have an independent business of your own or to go with a lawn care franchise.

Both variants are great and have lots of advantages.

First of all, let us define the meaning of the term “franchise”. It is a successful business system that will work perfectly well irrespective the place of setting up. Typically a franchisee gets a full business guidance, business plans and lots of tips on how to achieve the best possible results. One of the advantages of this course of action is all sorts of support you are going to be offered on the early stages of your lawn care franchise.

So, if you choose this course of action, there are many trustworthy and reputable companies you can pay attention to.


For example, U.S.Lawns. This company has been around since 1986, and more than two hundred franchisees have chosen it to start their business with. They do not work with residential customers, only with commercial ones, which can significantly expand the range of your possibilities in business.

You will have a chance to provide lawn care services to the banks, apartment complexes, malls, retail centers, restaurants, hotels and municipalities. No prior experience is required in order to start the cooperation: you can count on a powerful training program provided by the company, and their ongoing support.

Spring-Green Lawn Care company

Another wonderful choice wold be to be come a franchisee of the Spring-Green Lawn Care company. It has been successfully franchising since 1977. With Spring-Green Lawn Care you will perform various lawn care services, tree care service, root feeding, pest control and core aeration.

As for the investment, you will need to invest from $99,000 to $210,000 total, and $30,000 to $80,000 franchise fee. The term of agreement is at least ten years, and it can be renewed afterwards. It is not necessary to have a prior experience in order to become a franchisee of this company, but you are expected to have some marketing skills and general experience in business.

You will be offered their ongoing training and marketing support. Spring-Green Lawn Care will take care of regional advertising, national media, advertisement slicks and so on.

Enviro Masters Lawn Care

Enviro Masters Lawn Care (Organic lawn care franchises) is another reputable company that was founded in 1987 and has been franchising since 1991. In order to start your business with this company, you will be required to have $44,000 for the total investment and $30,000 - $44,000 franchise fee.

The term of agreement is also ten years, and you can renew it in case your business proves to be a success. You will be expected to have a basic knowledge in the sphere of business and to be environmentally cautious person. You can run the franchise from home and to have at least two to four employees.

All these facts should be taken into consideration before you make a decision. Also, you will be offered support of the Enviro Masters Lawn Care company, training courses and marketing help.

These are only three companies you can choose from many others.