Lawn Care Business Insurance

Written by Irene Melton | Updated
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If you are going to start a lawn care business, it is absolutely necessary to consider an insurance. Perhaps insurance is not on the top of your priority list and you think of it as of unnecessary expense. But life is unpredictable, and a lawsuit, accident or equipment robbery can take place any moment.

Advantages of having lawn care business insurance

In these cases having an insurance would mean a difference between running your business happily and successfully and seriously injuring your finances or even becoming a bankrupt.

The premium amount is nothing in comparison with medical compensation you will have to pay in case one of your employees gets injured while mowing a lawn of a customer.

So, it is better to be protected in case of something unexpected takes place.

You can ensure this protection by getting the following insurances as parts of lawn care business insurance:

General liability insurance.

This sort of insurance will cover the cost of damages property or medical treatment of physical insures. It is one of the most wide spread policies among the business owners: almost all sorts of business should have this sort of protection.

Health insurance.

In case something serious happens to you while working, it is necessary to make sure that you will get a compensation if you can’t work.

Employees compensation.

This sort of insurance covers the work related illnesses and traumas of your workers. In some states this insurance is not required in case a business owner has less than five workers.

However, it is recommended to include this insurance in the least of the most essential ones. It is very easy for a business to lose a giant amount of money in case of an accident.

Most probably you would have to pay not only the medical expenses of the third party, but legal fees as well if you have to attend a court.

Business Auto insurance.

The cost of this type of insurance depends on the type, size and number of company vehicles and the distance you have to drive every day.

Also, it would be advisable to get an insurance for your equipment as well. Lawn care equipment is not the cheapest one, that is why it is important to get protected against robberies, for example.

Purchasing small business insurance lawn care

For purchasing insurance, it is advisable to opt for an online quote – after going through the list of questions you will know an approximate amount of coverage you might possibly need.

Do not hesitate to hire an insurance agent or insurance broker. It is always more reliable to solve the questions when you can count on the help of a professional.

Insurance brokers are preferable as they are not connected to a certain company. Therefore, they are on your side: contacting a few companies, they search for the most cost effective and reliable option.

If you decide to get insurance without a broker, it is still recommended to contact at least several organizations in order to find the best possible deal.

The prices vary great from company to company. With lawn care business insurance you can feel protected, get rid of tension and concentrate on your business plans.