Lawn Care And Fertilization

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Every home owners wants to see his lawn green and healthy, and the proper knowledge of lawn care and fertilization is necessary for this.

Fertilizing is an integral part of the lawn maintenance, therefore it is extremely important to choose a right sort of fertilizer for your lawn.

It might be challenging with all the variety of different fertilizing products represented on the market. In any case, you should not opt for the first fertilizer you come across: every single detail should be taken into consideration in order to make a right choice.

Fertilizing lawn care

First of all, when going in for fertilizing lawn care, read carefully about the ingredients that a certain fertilizer contains.

Of course, you should give your preferences to those ones which are absolutely necessary for a healthy growth of the grass. Needless to say, a fertilizer you are going to purchase should be rich in nitrogen.

This element is irreplaceable for the grass and other plants of your lawn as it is responsible for their green color. After all, your goal is to have a beautiful carpet of the green grass in the yard, and nitrogen is definitely capable of simplifying this task.

Also, this element helps the grass to grow strong, thick and healthy. If the grass receives a sufficient amount of nitrogen, it would not be so challenging to fight the pests and bugs in the lawn.

One more important component in lawn care and fertilization, which should be found in the list of your fertilizer's ingredients is potassium.

Combined with nitrogen, this element will help to make the grass roots grow stronger and healthier. With healthy and strong roots it is much easier for the grass to resist different weather conditions, drought, pests, diseases and so on.

Phosphorous should be also included into the list of the fertilizer's components. It contributes into strengthening the roots of the grass as well, and helps the grass to remain healthy and disease resistant for a long period of time.

The lawn fertilizers used in lawn care and fertilization should also contain phosphorous. Like potassium, phosphorus also helps in making the roots of lawn grasses and plants strong. Strong roots will keep the plants healthy and green for a long time.

Types of lawn care fertilizer

As for the types of fertilizers, there are plenty of them and it depends on the plants you have in your lawn and the sort of soil in your region.

The most popular fertilizers are granular lawn fertilizers. There are two subdivision of this fertilizer: slow release granular fertilizer and fast release granular fertilizer.

The first variant is used by those who has a high speed rhythm of life and no free time. These people usually fertilize their lawns only two times a year.

Second variant is used by those who live in the regions with cold climatic conditions.

Synthetic and liquid fertilizers usually help to release the nutrients to the grass in the quickest possible way. This may sound great, but the problem is that the effect will not last for a long time.

These days there are more and more people who give their preferences to organic fertilizers in their lawn care and fertilization.

They might be quite sufficient in improving the grass and soil, but applying most of them is a time consuming process.

It is advisable to take into consideration all these factors when choosing a fertilizer for your lawn. The right choice will ensure amazing results.