Lawn Care Advertising for Lawn Business

Written by Irene Melton | Updated
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If you are going to start a lawn care business, or if you already run it, a good advertising strategy is a must. It is a competitive sphere, that is why it is necessary to target as many potential clients as it is only possible and to spread the awareness about your company.

Recognition in the consumer world – that is a main purpose of yours. Lawn care advertising strategy might include the following steps.

How you do advertising for your lawn care business

Web page

First of all, make sure you have a proper web page.

In the world of today it would not be wise to lose those members of your target group who actively use the internet.

A website is a great tool for your clients to place their orders and book the appointments. You can even get their payment online, which would simplify the process a lot.

In your web page, it is highly recommended to communicate with your actual and potential clients: let them answer their questions concerning the lawn care and write reviews abut your services.

The closer you are to your targeted audience, the more chances you have to increase the number of customers, and your lawn care advertising campaign will prove to be a success.

If you new or haven't done this before, you should get yourself a website builder. It is the easiest way to build a website. You don't need to know html code or website programming either. This method works perfectly for beginner.

Check out this web hosting that done all the needs to build a website. All you need to do is fill the content.


Do not underestimate the power of leaflets, brochures and flyers. Post them and give them out in places of the most traffic: specialized shops, beauty salons, grocery stores, petrol stations, local day cares and so on.

Hire a couple of teenagers for a small fee to give them out at the street corners. Ask your family members and friends to spread these leaflets at places of their work.

Gift with purchase

These days branded gifts are frequently chosen as a powerful instrument of one's advertising campaign. Lawn care advertising is not an exception.

Giving a gift with your logo on it, you will not only spread the word of your company, enhance the brand image of your business and gain a desired level of recognition, but will also demonstrate your thoughtfulness and care about the clients.

There are lots of different option: you can order promotional pens, pencils, mouse mats, umbrellas, lanyards, notepads, magnets for fridge, mugs, t-shirts, polo-shirts and so on.

Just choose the item that would not eat up all your finances when ordered in bulk and got customized, and at the same time would be useful and pleasant for people to get.

Local newspaper ads

Good old TV and newspaper ads should not be ignored as well: of course, in this day and age there are lots of alternative ways to advertise your products and services, yet at the same time traditional methods haven't lost their effectiveness as well.

Yes, it is not that cost effective as giving out leaflets, for example, but at the same time you will be able to target much larger audience. Besides, it will add a good deal of respectability to your company name.


And of course, if there are some trade shows, fairs and exhibitions take place in your area, make sure to take part in these events.

Of course, you will be surrounded by dozens competitors, but at the same time it is a great chance to demonstrate your lawn care equipment and to establish a personal contact with your potential clients. These are only the basic ways of lawn care advertising: feel free to use your imagination and creativity.