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Lawn Boy Mower Reviews

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Lawn Boy Mower - Designed to Fit You

Lawn Boy is - like some of its peers: Murray, Craftsman, etc – a pretty seasoned company delivering top notch products in the lawn mower space.

Having started off from the desire of the founder to impress his future wife, Lawn Boy has for nearly seven decades impressed people all around the world with its range of lawn care products.

The Lawn Boy mower has helped people tackle their lawn problems with ease and comfort that makes it a very popular brand – not just nationally, but globally.

Lawn Boy Engine

At the heart of every lawn mower is the engine. Some engines are powerful, others are durable and some rare ones are both.

One of the top names that come up in any motor category is Honda and yes, Lawn Boy mowers come with Honda’s light weight, durable motors.

In the mower space, Briggs & Stratton is another top brand and Lawn Boy has products with this motor too.

Lastly, the Easy Start Tecumseh engines are also available with Lawn Boy mowers.

Regardless of which motor you pick, Lawn Boy runs important standard checks on these engines to give you the best in any of the above three categories.

Lawn Boy Walk Behind Mowers

Currently Lawn Boy manufactures Walk Behind mowers - also called the Tru Start Mowers. If you are looking for a simple, comfortable to handle, mower for your domestic needs, look no further than Lawn Boy.

You can get 20" mowers of different models with great features, excellent durability and best of all something that fits within your budget.

The Tru Start mowers are self propelled mowers that come with variable movement speeds. So you can adjust the mower propulsion to suit your walking pace. The 20” cutting deck is ideal for any domestic lawn.

The Braggs & Stratton ready start engine means that starting your mower is no more a hassle. Most times, people decide to live with uneven lawn grass, just to avoid having to spend time starting the motor – not anymore with Lawn Boy’s Tru Start mowers.

To back the top quality product, this comes with three year power train warranty and a two year no worry warranty. So you do not have to hold yourself back thinking about your mower falling apart. Lawn Boy makes sure that you can use your mower for just purpose they designed it.

Lastly, the mower comes with three options for the cut grass. You could opt for the discharge option, where the cut grass is collected on the side or behind the mower.

Alternatively, you can opt to bag it, for easy disposal. Lastly, if you prefer mulching you lawn grass, you can have that feature in your mower too.

Top models are 10640/10645, 10641/10646 and 10642/10647. Each of these has a certain group of features like some have recoil starter while others have electric starter. There are other differences in weight, self propel system, etc.

Purchasing Lawn Boy Mowers

The best part about these lawn mowers is how easily you can look to buy one. You obviously have the Lawn Boy store where you can get these products.

Let’s say you do not have a Lawn Boy close to your home, don’t worry; look for a nearby Home Depot store. They sell Lawn Boy products. So you can find not just lawn mowers but the entire range of Lawn Boy products and offerings at Home Depot.

If you are really not interested in shopping on the outsides, in spring, you can still order it on Amazon.com. So log on to the Internet and search for Lawn Boy products at Amazon.com; you should find the ideal lawn mower you are looking for.

Post Sales Support

The Lawn Boy website has the manuals for all their models and this can be your first check in isolating and solving the problem.

If you are not much of a reader, you can look up the FAQ section on their site. That should answer most common questions and problems.

If you just don’t want to read or are not able to locate the right information you want, you can mail their customer support or as a last option visit their service centers.

Lawn Boy has service centers across the world. Look up the dealer closest to you on their site.