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Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers


Japanese technology is very popular globally – Japanese companies are renowned for their high quality products and top class performances.

Japanese technology is very popular globally – Japanese companies are renowned for their high quality products and top class performances.

Another name in the long list of trusted brands from the Land of the Rising Sun is Kubota. It is a 120 year old company with a strong tradition and tons of experience.

Kubota Tractor Company headquartered in California has been making some of the best lawn mowers for its customers. The riding lawn mowers are probably the most popular products from Kubota.

Kubota riding lawn mowers are sold under the T series brand name. These are the perfect riding lawn mowers for home owners. They are easy to maintain, simple to ride and come with host of features ideal for domestic lawn mowing needs.

Features of Kubota Riding lawn Mowers

Given below are some of the important features of these mowers:

  • Sleek Design: The sleek design makes it easy to handle the mower while operating it and simple to store it when not in use.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission: This makes the operation of this mower very simple and yet very precise. It comes with a single pedal that can be used for adjusting speeds and changing directions. No problems with clutch or shifting gears. It is perfect for mowing around small bushes and trees.
  • Grass height adjustment: With a simple turn of the knob, you can adjust the cutting height of the grass. What’s more, this dial is situated just below the operator seat, so you can easily access it.
  • Cruise Control: If you do not want to be pressing the accelerator all the time, adjust the mower speed at which you are comfortable, and let it run on cruise control. All you need to do is steer the mower and you can get the job done quickly with limited effort.
  • Large Rear Tires: The 22” rear tires are ideal for stability while operating the mower. While other design aspects give it a lot of maneuverability, these tires can help in maintaining stability. Besides the larger surface area also means better traction which can be very important on wet grass.
  • High Back Seat: This is especially useful for people who have aback problems or who tire quickly on a seat. The high back seat means that you can be more comfortable while riding the mower and do not get tired quickly.
  • Accessories: It comes with a dual bag grass catches without the blower. So you can collect all the cut grass clippings in the bag without blowing them out from the rear. Besides, the bags fit easily in the rear so you do not have space problem while mowing.

Depending on the model, Kubota has 18HP (T1880), 20HP (T2080) and 23HP (T2380) mowers in this series. All come with a 4 gallon fuel tank and electric start.

While T1880 and T2080 have a 42” mower deck, the T2380 has a larger 48” deck. All other features in these three models are pretty much similar.

So depending on your lawn size, your storage requirements and other needs, you can choose one of these models.

By just changing the engine power and cutting deck size, Kubota gives you the best best features in a mower size that you need. A great means of ensuring that all kinds of customers get access to best technology from Kubota.