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Kubota Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Kubota is a very large group of companies with their origins in Japan – the land known for its cutting edge innovations.

Kubota has many subsidiaries in both Japan and the US. Among them the company making outdoor equipments is the Kubota Tractor Corporation. Kubota manufactures both commercial as well as residential lawn mowers.

Kubota lawn mowers are great piece of engineering designed for the specific needs of demanding customers. The residential mowers are classified into two categories: T Series mowers and GR Series mowers.

Kubota T Series Mowers

The T series are Kubota riding lawn mowers. These are low to medium end mowers with 18 to 23 HP of engine power.

These come with some very interesting features:

  • Hydrostatic Transmission
    The hydrostatics transmission makes the handling of the mower very smooth and very precise. This series of mowers comes with a single pedal making the speed changes simpler. There are not clutches to fight with when you are mowing.
  • Cutting Height
    This can be controlled by turning an knob which is just below the operator’s seat.
  • Mower Deck Adjustment
    If you want to lift the mower deck, while you are just riding and not mowing, you can do that with a simple pull or push of the lever.
  • Cruise Control
    Yes, even this feature is available in some models.
  • Great Design
    The models have larger rear tires for better tracking and control. The high seat helps fit different kinds of operators and gives them better view of the lawn. The suspensions in this mower are first of its kind and give great comfort to the rider.
  • Cut Grass Disposal
    This comes with three options. The cut grass can be discharged through the discharge opening, or bagged when you connect the bagging unit to the discharge opening or mulched when you close the discharge opening.

Kubota GR Series Mowers

The GR series is clearly the high end model from Kubota. It comes with much higher engine powers; ranging from 20 to 21 horse powers.

The models come with 2 or 3 cylinder gas engines delivering high performance service. So you can mow longer and cut taller grass with lot of ease.

A great feature of this powerful mower models is that they are equipped with Hydrostatic power steering. With 48” and 54” deck sizes, it is not surprising that you can tackle larger lawns easily. There is a separate mulching kit available with triple blades. This can mulch the grass better leaving cleaner and healthier lawn.

Kubota also makes good high end mowers that are used for commercial as well as residential purposes. These tend to come with lot more power and other special features required for the bigger mowers.

Kubota F Series Mowers

The Kubota F series lawn mowers are designed for both commercial and residential use. With high power around 26 to 36 HP bigger lawns, taller grass and tough terrains can be handled with ease.

The four wheel drive makes the model perfect for imperfect terrains. The unit has many other features like large fuel capacity, PTO shaft drive, 5.5” mower deck, swivel anti-scalp wheels and wider tires.

The halogen headlights allow night time operations and dim light operations too.

Kubota Z series Mowers

Lastly there is the Z series which is the Kubota zero turn lawn mower. Again, this is a high power mower for residential and commercial applications.

It comes with 21 HP to 31HP, diesel engine for better durability and performance. The HST transmission system makes for smoother operations. Other special features like high back suspension seats, lumbar support and cup holder make long mowing hours on this unit very comfortable.

Why you should buy Kubota lawn mowers?

In conclusion, Kubota lawn mowers are powerful, feature rich, user friendly and durable models. Each series is designed for a particular group of users. With features and design suited for the lawn and user category, this is truly a great mower company.

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