Koolatron Kool Kaddy Thermoelectric Cooler

The Koolatron Kool Kady Thermoelectric Cooler is one of the larger coolers on the market and will hold fifty-seven regular sized drink cans. This cooler is excellent for family vacations or picnics, and it also has a heating feature that makes it easy to transport casseroles and such to a potluck dinner. The cooler can be used in chest or upright position for extra versatility. Although it may be too large for all but the biggest family vans and SUVs on a vacation, it does provide plenty of room for the food you need to take with you just about anywhere.

Features of the Koolatron Kool Kaddy Thermoelectric Cooler

One of the main features of the Koolatron Kool Kaddy Thermoelectric Cooler is that it can, like other large sized thermoelectric coolers, be used in chest or upright position. In the upright position, it comes with a shelf that allows you to store things more easily. The cooler gets down to about forty degrees below ambient temperature, and it heats to a total of 135 degrees. This cooler comes with a cigarette-lighter adapter, but it can also be used with an optional AC adapter in the house or hotel.

Features Include:

  • Be used upright or in chest position
  • Shelf allows for more organization
  • Cools to forty degrees below ambient temperature
  • Heats to 135 degrees
  • Can be used with optional AC adapter
Koolatron Kool Kaddy Thermoelectric Cooler

Pros and Cons of the Koolatron Kool Kaddy

According to many a thermoelectric cooler review, the Kool Kaddy gives you maximum space for food and drinks because it doesn’t require ice to take up extra space. The cooler is easy to use, and it can be used in the car and inside the hotel or house. Other reviewers like the extra-large size of this cooler, which is plenty big enough for a trucker or a family.


  • Doesn’t require ice
  • Easy to use
  • Plug in in the car or hotel
  • Extra-large size


Like other thermoelectric coolers, the interior temperature of this one will depend on the ambient temperature surrounding it. In very hot weather, it’s best to protect the cooler from the sun, but even then, it will normally keep food cool enough that it doesn’t go bad. Also, it’s best to put pre-cooled items into the cooler, rather than having the cooler attempt to cool them.

Is the Koolatron Kool Kaddy Right for You?

The Koolatron Kool Kaddy Thermoelectric Cooler is a great option if you need an extra-large cooler for a family trip or as an over-the-road trucker. If you have a smaller vehicle, though, it isn’t the best option, since it’ll take up too much room. Although it’s not the cheapest option on the market, this is a good investment if you need a larger thermoelectric cooler.

Best Availability and Price

You could find the Koolatron Kool Kaddy at your local travel or camping supply store, but thermoelectric coolers are not commonly stocked locally. However, you can certainly find it online, where 9 times out of of 10 you’ll save money too. Get today’s best online price on the Koolatron Kool Kaddy thermoelectric cooler here and save today.