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John Deere Toy Riding Tractor

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When it comes to toys for this Christmas, you must seriously consider riding tractors for your kids.

They are a lot of fun to ride and they also help develop an appreciation for the tough work that people do on these vehicles.

There are many interesting riding tractor toys, but none is more convincing and authentic than one of the most popular brands in outdoor maintenance and construction – John Deere.

The John Deere toy riding tractor is a great toy for any kid to play around. Given its brand value and popularity there are many toy makers who have adopted the brand for their products.

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

This is a great toy with realistic handling capabilities. The farm tractor wheels give the toy the right grip to rid in gravel, grass, dirt and pavement. The four wheel drive gives the tractor good control on all surfaces.

The unit comes with two speeds of 2.25 mph and 4.25 mph. The SmartPedal accelerator and the automatic brakes are great for the new riders. The kids can drive the tractor to their full pleasure without causing any damage. This toy runs on a 12-volt battery and comes with the charger so you do not have to run around looking for a way to recharge the toy.

The tractor comes with FM tuner for the kids to listen to songs while they are riding the toy. The attached trailer is great for them to carry their stuff around. The adjustable seat with armrests means that the child can ride the tractor in comfort.

John Deere Toy Riding Tractor - "Turf" Tractor with Trailer

This is a great product from the joint efforts of John Deere and Peg Perego. This tractor is a great gift for children to play and work in the lawn at the same time.

This tractor comes with all the small things that will keep your child busy the whole day and help them develop a respect for hard day’s work. The toy comes with a single pedal accelerator and decelerator to give the kids easy access to manipulate the speeds.

Just to make sure that the child’s excitement does not cause grieve for the parents, it comes with an adult controlled high speed lockout feature. Even this model has adjustable seats and armrests for a comfortable riding experience.

Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor & Trailer

This is a good variation to the other motorized tractors from Peg Perego. This unit is driving by pedals. The light weight and simple design means that the toy can be pedaled easily.

The heavy duty tractor wheels will take the tractor through all kinds of surfaces with minimal effort. The small trailer at the back can be used to carry gardening stuff to lay out their own little garden.

Peg Perego John Deere Loader

If your child wants to play around with moving dirt and gravel, then this is the toy for him. This comes with front loader that can scoop and dump stuff from the driver’s seat. This is a pedal tractor is safe to use and a lot of fun for the kids to play with.

The adjustable seat means that the toy can adjust to growing children. Since the kids will be scooping and dumping from the driver seat this tool can actually help them judge distances and improve hand eye coordination.

Peg Perego Usa John Deere Toy Riding Tractor Gator Hpx

This is another great riding tractor for small kids. It comes with dual speeds of 2.5 mph and 4.5 mph. It also has a reverse gear operation to back up the tractor.

The toy has electric brakes which ensure the rider will come to a stop. This also ensures that there are no jerky starts and stops, giving the kids a more ideal driving experience. Adjustable seats mean that you can continue to use the tractor as the child keeps growing too.

John Deere Toy Riding Tractor - Pedal-Powered Mini-Loader with Trailer

This is the ultimate toy package for your child. It comes with a trailer at the back and a loader at the front. The kid can play around the garden with the loader as well as the trailer.

The heavy duty tractor wheels mean that the toy can be ridden over the standard surfaces with ease. The loader is a well designed tough unit which can really scoop, carry and dump things.

The trailer is ideal for carrying the kid stuff around. This toy contains small parts and hence does have a choking hazard. Please read the instructions carefully.