Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler With Converter

The Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler with Converter is a great value because it offers you both a thermoelectric cooler with the traditional DC connector for the car’s lighter plug and the AC plug for the house. This cooler also can be used as a traditional chest cooler or in the upright position as a miniature fridge. In this case, it’s popular for dorm rooms, garages, and even over-the-road trucks. The sturdy construction means this unit will last a long time, so it presents good value for your money.

Features of the Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler With Converter

Of course, one of the biggest features of the Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler With Converter is that it comes with a converter. Normally, you have to buy the indoor plug AC converter separately, meaning you have to spend more money and wait longer to be able to use your thermoelectric cooler in the house or hotel. This is a larger cooler with a forty quart capacity, so it’s plenty big for a family picnic or a week on the road. It can hold fifty-two regular-sized aluminum beverage cans.

Features Include:

  • Comes with an indoor converter to plug it in
  • Forty quart capacity
  • Fifty-two can size
Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler With Converter

What a Thermoelectric Cooler Review Says

One thermoelectric cooler review on these coolers says that they’re built to last and that they run relatively quietly. These coolers also are nice because they can be used as a chest or in the upright position. In the upright position, you can use a shelf to divide the fridge and give you more storage room.


  • Built to last
  • Runs quietly
  • Chest or fridge position
  • Shelf divider gives more room in fridge position


The Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler With Converter isn’t the most affordable option on the market. However, since it is from a well-known brand that offers high-quality materials, it may be the best investment for your money.

Is this Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler for You?

This Igloo Cooler is perfect for families who need a larger cooler for camping trips or family picnics. It’s also great for road trips when you’ll be moving from the car to a hotel, since you can plug it in both in the car and inside. Besides this, it’s a top choice for truckers looking for a way to keep food for a week or so on hand in the truck.

Best Value and Availability

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to walk into a local store and find this Igloo thermoelectric cooler in stock. Assuming you can, it’s even less likely that you’ll find a good deal on it. The easiest place to find Igloo electric coolers is online. Get today’s best online price on the Igloo thermoelectric cooler now by following this link.