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Hustler Lawn Mowers Reviews


Hustler is a turf equipment company that focuses on rugged design and sturdy product development.

It has presence in residential as well as commercial domains in terms of turf maintenance.

It also makes specific golf course maintenance equipment and other industrial grade equipments. It has positioned itself uniquely in the lawn mower markets.

Hustler Residential Lawn mowers

Under this category Hustler Lawn mowers has four basic models: Sport, Mini FasTrak, FasTrak, FasTrak Super Duty.

This is decent sized Hustler lawn mower with three deck size options of 42”, 48” and 54”. These models come with Briggs and Stratton and Honda engine options.

Depending on the cutting deck size, the engine horse powers vary. The deck is made up of welded steel with a tubular frame rather than stamped steel. This makes the whole unit rugged and strong.

The 3 gallon fuel tank is just right for a long mowing routine. Given its rugged design, the maintenance on these mowers is very low.

With smooth maneuvering and patented automatic parking brake feature, it is a good machine to ride too. The hydrostatic transmissions give it very easy handling. It is also a true Hustler zero turn lawn mower, allowing you to reach those tricky corners and areas in the lawn.

Mini FasTrak

As the name suggests this is the smaller version of other Hustler Fast Track lawn mowers. It comes with 16HP Honda engine or 15 HP / 17 HP Kohler engine options.

The cutting deck also comes in two standard sizes of 36” and 42”. Again like the Sport, Mini FasTrak also has welded steel, zero turn design and automatic park brake systems.

The 6 gallon fuel tank makes is a work horse unit for good long mowing needs.

Hustler FasTrak Lawn Mowers

Hustler FasTrak are the best residential lawn mowers from the company. They serve residential needs but are designed as per commercial standards, giving the users a true value for their money in terms of functionality and durability.

The rugged design of the frame, desk and wheels ensure the best performance and perfect cut for the lawn.

It comes with 19 or 21 HP Kawasaki engines for good power in cutting operations.

The cutting heights can be varied from 1.5” to 4.5” giving a good range depending on the lawn needs. The commercial ZT 3100 transmissions mean smooth handling of the mower and the 10 gallon fuel tank means you can mow larger lawns in a single seating itself.

FasTrak Super Duty

Sometimes there are lawns in residential areas with tough and challenging terrain that regular mowers cannot handle it.

You need something special – Hustler FasTrak Super Duty is just that kind of mower. The entire unit comes with high end commercial standard specifications. With super sharp blades spinning 18400 times a minutes you are bound to get clean cuts leaving behind a professional looking lawn.

The unit can attain ground speeds of up to 9 miles per hour so you can get things done faster. With cut heights adjusted between 1.5” and 5” you have decent grass cutting heights to work with. It boasts of the toughest frame and desk in the industry, giving you an edge in residential uses.


This is not a gas powered lawn mower, but an electric lawn mower from Hustler. It comes with all the great features of the other residential mowers, but makes 34% less noise.

There is no messy fueling required. Just charge it, unplug and start mowing. It can mow for 80 minutes in a single charge. It comes with electric transmission, 42” deck, smooth steering and auto park brake features.