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Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mower


Riding lawn mowers are great bridge between the regular walk behind mowers and the more commercial mower tractors.

They are not too big for regular domestic lawn so they can be used for residential lawns with any problems.

Their prices are also not too high for home owner to afford. They have just the right power and the maneuverability to adapt to mowing lawns ranging from mid sized ones to really large ones for commercial use.

Among outdoor mower Husqvarna is one of the best brands making commercial grade top notch mowers for all kinds of lanes.

Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mower are called Husqvarna Riders and are designed to give you the best control and ease of use for all kinds of mowing needs.

The cutting decks are mounted in front to give you a good view of the cutting area and control your operations properly.

The steering is designed to let you move the mower comfortably towards the lawn edges, under bushes and shrubs and along fences and walls.

There are many good models from Husqvarna in this category.

Husqvarna Rider 15V2 AWD

As the name indicates this is an All Wheel Drive vehicle giving you good power in tough terrains in the lawns.

You can tackle slippery grounds and uneven grounds perfectly without any problem. It gives you the confidence and the trust of mowing your lawn with stability on top of the mower.

It comes with a very powerful Kawasaki engine with two cylinders that complements the AWD design perfectly. You can add a Combi cutting deck with a variable size ranging from 103 cms to 112 cms.

The unique steering system with swinging rear wheels, lets you maneuver the mower smoothly with minimum turning radius. The grass cutting heights can be adjusted easily with controls that are placed ergonomically so that the operator can operate it easily.

The blades can be engaged and disengaged while riding the mower. The cutting deck can also be lowered and raised as required.

The seat can be tipped to drain all the rain water if it gets accumulated there.

The unit comes with BioClip blades that cut the grass perfectly. They can also be used to mulch the grass and return back to the lawn.

The cut grass can be transformed into fertilizers. If you are not keen on mulching, you can also use the cutting deck in rear discharge mode. This way the rougher grass can be cut easily.

This unit also can be used to attach snow blades and brooms so be it winter or fall your Rider is as useful as in spring.

Husqvarna PR 17 AWD

This is an enhanced version of the popular Husqvarna PR17 model. This Rider with the AWD mechanism makes it excellent unit for short turning radius and great maneuverability.

The 17HP Kawasaki engine gives this model the power that made this so popular. Even this unit comes with cutting edge features similar to Rider 15V2 model.

You get the same benefits of combi Deck and BioClip for cutting grass, mulching and rear discharge.

Husqvarna PF21 AWD

This is a 21 HP engine mower with a 17 liter tank for large lawns and great power.

The All Wheel Drive and powerful engine makes it the perfect choice varied terrains and grass size. It comes with Combi cutting deck, BioClip mulchers and highly articulated steering.