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How Do Wireless Speakers Work

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To get answers to the question how do wireless speakers work, it is a good idea to understand the basics of how regular speakers operate. Speakers transmit electrical signals into sound. In wired systems, speaker wires carry signals from the source of sound to the speakers. How wireless speakers work is basically the same way, only the signals are transmitted through radio waves, or in the case of rear surround sound speakers, infrared waves.

Transmitter and Receiver

Knowing which devices are used in their function will provide more understanding about how do wireless speakers work. These two devices are the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver can be a DVD player, CD player or any audio device. It is the transmitter, which is attached to the receiver, which picks up the FM radio signal from the receiver and sends it to the speakers. Wireless speakers contain an amplifier that turns the signal into audible sound.

How do Wireless Speakers Work to Receive Power?

Wireless speakers, like any speakers, do need a power supply in order for their built in amplifiers to work. But how do wireless speakers work if there is no plug to power them with? Wireless speakers can be powered with batteries to eliminate the need for any type of wiring. The mobility this allows answers the question of how do wireless speakers work in different rooms in a home or outdoors. Some of the newer speaker systems feature built in rechargeable batteries. The other alternative is AC power adapters that plug into electrical outlets.

how to wireless speakers work

How Do Wireless Speakers Work With Computers?

In much the same way as a receiver, a computer sends signals to a transmitter. To understand more about how do wireless speakers work to provide sound from a computer, it helps to know that computer speakers are slightly different than other speakers. Computer speakers have receivers inside that decode computer signals within a certain range and turn the signals into those similar to an FM radio in order to be heard. How wireless speakers work with a computer is by completing this process in real time so that sound is heard immediately.

How do Wireless Speakers Work near Other Electronics?

The range for wireless speakers is usually 900 MHz FM. Some home appliances and other devices also function within that range. Quality wireless speaker systems contain a function that allows users to tune frequencies in order to avoid breaking up of the signal that may occur with baby monitors or older cordless phones.

Does Distance Affect How Wireless Speakers Work?

The majority of wireless speakers produce sound within 150 to 300 feet away from the transmitter. This radio frequency, in most cases, can penetrate walls, ceilings and furniture so speakers can be placed in different rooms or even outdoors. Devices called radio frequency repeaters can be purchased when extra devices or environmental conditions result in weaker signals. In order for radio frequency repeaters to be effective in solving how do wireless speakers work they must be installed in the line of sight of the transmitter. Some people report that these devices still provide only a limited range even when they are in line of sight.

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