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Hover Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Hover Lawn Mowers - Features and Types

Lawn mowers are always typically push mowers, self propelled or riding mowers. The push ones are driven by the operator and it can be very tiring. The other models run on gas or other liquid fuels causing noise and air pollution.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a mower that is environmentally safe and runs with minimal noise? Well that is what Hover lawn mowers try to achieve. These run on hover technology.

An important thing about this technology is that it is still limited to residential uses at this moment, but it truly has a lot of potential. Currently, Flymo is a very well known company that manufactures these mowers.

Features of Hover Lawn Mowers

There some typical features of these hover mowers those are common for this technology.

  • These are typically electric mowers. These go with the logic for a couple of reasons. It goes with the environment friendly theme of these mowers and also the electric motors help create that air cushion.
  • These mowers are extremely light too. The hover technology needs the mowers to be very light to ensure that the air lift can be sufficient for smooth operation
  • These units typically are also bagless. Bags means the cut grass would get collected increasing the weight of the mower unit. This is not favourable for the hover action; hence these are side discharge kinds of units.
  • Electric units mean that you can go with advanced starting mechanisms like electric key start. So these units are easy to start and use.

The light weight and other features make this unit easy to use, handle and even store.

Most models are also cordless which means they can be carried to remote locations without limitations of cable lengths. Here are some of the popular hover mowers from Flymo.

Micro Lite:

This is a small electric mower for small gardens. The hover mechanism carries this mower smoothly over the grass and you can cut in any direction.

It is great to handle while mowing and extremely light to carry around too. With a cutting deck of 28 cms, and plastic blades, it is not a great mowing tool for large lawns, but it will get the job done effectively.

Turbo Lite 330:

This is an advanced domestic hover mower. It comes with a cutting width of 33 cms, metal blades and total weight of about 6.5kgs. It is a great tool to get quick regular garden mowing done swiftly and sturdily.

Turbo Lite 350

This is a progressively better hover mower as compared to the Turbo Lite 330. With 35 cms deck and metal blades powered by 1400W motor, it gives great residential mower functionality. At 7.5 kgs, it is a heavier mower, but is still a lot more portable than other mowers of similar category.

Turbo Lite 400

This is the final model under the Turbo Lite series from Flymo. It comes with 40 mcs cutting deck. It hosts metal blades powered by 1500W of power for great over and cutting performance. So the unit can move smoothly over the grass on air cushion. You can cut the grass in any direction and get superior performance from this unit.

Hover Vac

The other models from Flymo have been designed for quick grass cutting but are all discharge type of units. The cut grass gets left in the garden and you need to clean it up later. This model overcomes that with a vacuum function too. This is a lower power unit with just about 900W of power.

The cutting width is 28 cms and plastic blades it is again a low end utility mower. The 15 lit collector capacity is perfect for small lawns.

Hover Compact 300

This is a hover mower that also collects grass and makes them compact, making it easy to empty it. The 30 cms cutting deck is ideal for small gardens.

With four cutting height steps and cutting ranges between 10 mm to 30 mm it can give your garden a good look. Other models in this range like Hover Compact 330 and 350 have cutting deck of 33 cms and 35 cms.

These are some of the more popular hover mower models. These are perfect mowers for small lawns - light, effective and high performance units.