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Honda Lawn Mower Parts


There is nothing more fruitful in life when you get to do the work that you most enjoy- not only that, you end up burning calories as well!

What more can one ask for! Lawn mowing is one such activity. You not only get to indulge with nature but also can bring a nice shape and a neat look to your much beloved lawn in your backyard.

Although it is seen as a boring and not much awaited for job in the backyard, I bet there are many more people who look forward to spring and summer just to get out of house, mow the lawn and make the most of the experience.

Lawn mowing is really fun when you actually have a good lawn mower. Unless you have a smooth functioning lawn mower, life could be tough working in the backyard.

What speaks about the life of a lawn mower is what goes into it! Thus lawn mower parts are the actual things that determine the life of a lawn mower. There are many companies that manufacture lawn mower parts and one of the best is the Honda Lawn Mower Company.

Common Parts for Honda Lawn Mower

The Honda Lawn Mower consists of important components like air filter, engine, blades, spark plug, shear pins, scraper bar and oil filter – to name a few.

Air Filter

The air filter looks like a mesh fixed onto a window sill.

It mainly functions to filter the air and thus keeps the heat within the machine as low as possible, as safety check to prevent overheating and thus fires.

The oil filter is another important part of the machine and is the area where the oil is stored for the lubrication of the machine parts. It helps reduce friction and thus helps increase the life of the machine.


The engine is one of the best engines that any lawn mower company manufactures and this engine is known for its strength and long life and has got many good reviews from its customers.


The blades are heavy and thick and thus can resist shearing forces and function effectively.

Spark Plug

The spark plug, as the name suggests, protects the engine from catching fire by preventing sparks that may be produced during the movement of the machine parts like blades.

Shear Pins

The shear pins are tough and thick and serve the purpose of holding onto the various parts to make it function as a unit. The scraper bar has holes of appropriate size that compliment the shear pins.

It is, without any doubt, appropriate to assume that when such a lot of efforts go into making something, it will definitely not be a failure- rather it would be very close to being successful all the times.

This is exactly what the Honda Lawn Mower parts are all about- they go into the making of the lawn mower and thus it would not be surprising to see these lawn mowers function so well in the market.

A good lawn mower is an asset to any house and good parts are assets to any lawn mower. Thus, it is always better to know as to what goes into the making of a lawn mower so that we can be rest assured of the end product- this goes without saying for Honda Lawn Mower parts!