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Honda Lawn Mower Blades


Honda Company has been in market for many years now and the lawn mowers advertised by this company have a lot of reputation and good feedback from the customers.

The most important aspect which one should be sure of before buying a lawn mower are to analyze and know the functioning of the various internal parts that go into making of the machine.

One such part that seeks attention is the blades that go into making of the machine.

The blades perform the function of the smooth running of the machine and are kept in place using shear pins and bolts.

The central hole in the blade is of utmost importance as that is the part that anchors the blade to the specific desired position and thus can perform its function in a co-ordinated manner.

Serrated and smooth edged blades are used in the lawn mower depending on the coupling blades and their functions.

Series of Honda Lawn Mower blades

There are series of Honda Lawn Mower blades that are available in the market.

The two famous lines of blades that are sold are Blade 215 216 series and Blade 217 series. The other blades that are also made by Honda for lawn mowing are high lift blade and mulching deck blades.

These blades are available in various sizes and shapes as need be. They are available in 16 inch to 22 inch sizes.

The blade 215-216 series is most versatile and can be used in the various models of Honda lawn Mowers which makes it a special favorite among buyers.

This is also used for mulching purposes in the machine. The second series, 217 series, is the second most popular series and constitutes the upper mulching blades. The high lift blade, as the name suggests, sleek but sturdy and is available in various diameters as need be.

The mulching deck blades perform the function of mulching and are available as both upper and lower blades. They fit into a number of Honda made lawn mowers and thus makes this blade very versatile.

The blades are available in many stores but they are popular online buy. They are shipped within few days of placing an order and come in well packed containers that assures minimum or even no damage during transit.

All the blades in the machine can be replaced and thus even if one blade happens to malfunction; there is always a substitute that can be ordered. Also, these blades come with different warranty; hence you have enough time to know exactly how good the product is!

As a closing statement, it can be said that the blades that make up the Honda Company made Lawn mowers speak a lot about the quality and thus the life of the lawn mower itself and amazingly, these blades are often the last parts in the lawn mower to break down or wear out because they are made up of heavy metal that can withstand large amounts of stress and pressure and heat and rust.

Thus, a little more information on the blades that have gone into the making of a particular model of Honda Lawn Mower will definitely be useful in making an informed decision about that particular model of lawn mower when next you may be in need of lawn mower!