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5 Best Honda Lawn Mowers



Gas Powered



Honda 662960 160cc Gas 21 in. 3-in-1 Smart Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


Honda 662960 160cc Gas 21 in. 3-in-1 Smart Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


Honda 663000 160cc Gas 21 in. Side Discharge Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Gas Powered - Self-Propelled

Honda 663000 160cc Gas 21 in. Side Discharge Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


Honda 662990 160cc Gas 21 in. Side Discharge Lawn Mower

160 c.c

Honda 662990 160cc Gas 21 in. Side Discharge Lawn Mower


Self-Propelled with Electric Start

Very Good

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Shopping Guide - Honda Lawn Mowers

Honda lawn mowers are made with combine propelling technology and mulching option.

Be it cars or lawn mowers, Honda is a very popular company. Many people in the world trust the Honda power to deliver for them all the time and it has rarely let them down.

While mowing a lawn there are several aspects that we need to consider.

Honda Lawn Mower

For starters whether we want a push mower or a self propelled one. Secondly, what do we want to do with the cut grass – discharge it, bag it or mulch it?

Honda lawn mowers give the users the flexibility of mixing and matching these two aspects in any way and get the perfect mower for their needs.

Honda Mower Features

It is not just the legendary Honda engine that is attractive in these mowers there are many other innovative features added to it by Honda.


Four Stroke engine ensures power delivered within standard emission limitations. These engines are easy to start solving the biggest problem with mowers.


The mowers come with twin blades that help cut the grass much close and more consistently, making it look much better than regular mowers. Besides, the smaller cut grass blades make bagging them simpler. You can mulch shorter grass better too.

Special features

Honda adds a lot of great innovations to its mower models.

  • Roto-Stop: You can stop the blades from rotating without having to stop the engine. This means you don’t have to keep the blades running just to avoid restarting the engine.
  • Versamow System: You can decide what to do with the cut grass – mulch, bag, discharge or shred leaves without worrying about different accessories.
  • Smart Drive: You can control the mower speed easily making the whole experience so much better.
  • Auto Choke System: If your system gets choked, just pull the cord and you are ready to go. No additional settings or adjustments required.

Other Differentiators

Besides these technological aspects, Honda also delivers on better mower designs too.

  • Bagging: The mowers are designed to cut the grass shorter increasing the bag capacity. Besides the transfer of grass from the blades to bag is designed so that the grass travels minimum distance.
  • Bag Replacement: Replacing the full bag is a child’s play. There are not buttons or anything else that you need to tamper to remove the bag. Besides, the wide mouth means that you can empty the bags faster.
  • Wheels: The wheels on these mowers are supported by ball bearings making them easy to handle, more durable and offer very comfortable ride.
  • Handles: The handles for the Honda mowers have been ergonomically designed for easy grip and comfortable maneuverability.

Honda Mower Models

The Honda lawn mowers are classified into four primary models HRX, HRR, HRS and HRC. Each of these models delivers a unique combination of propelling technology and bagging/ mulching option.

HRX Series

These are the self propelled mowers from Honda. They come with Versamow and MicroCut twin blade features. Some models in this series have RotoStop and cruise control features too.

HRR Series

These come in both push mower and self propelled models. They have variable speed control, twin blade features along with a durable steel desk for regular use. These come with the 4 in 1 grass/ leave disposal feature.

HRS Series

These are very light, easy to handle models that come in push and self propelled varieties. The Honda GVC160 engine fitted on these mowers is one of the best in class engines for domestic use. Typically models in this category come with side discharge.

HRC Series

These are high end Honda commercial lawn mower that have both push mower and self propelled mower models. These are loaded with most the features mentioned above. These also come with a front bumper and guards at the edges to protect the mower.

Lastly, one of the best aspects of buying  Honda lawn mower is that you can then tap into Honda’s extensive service center network in your locality. You will never have a tough time finding spare parts, a quick check or complete look down on your lawn mower.

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