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Honda Harmony Lawn Mower Reviews


Its spring time again and we start looking at green all around, birds chirping and lots of outdoor activities.

One of the least popular activities is mowing the lawn. No doubt, everyone loves to have a great looking lawn, but the very idea of taking out that old, bulky walk behind lawn mower and mowing the lawn it quite depressing.

Well with Honda Harmony lawn mowers you can kiss your boredom good bye.

Honda has come out with a wide range of walk behind lawn mowers just for the residential market and people like us.

Features of Honda Harmony Lawn Mower

The Honda Harmony Lawn mowers are designed to be powerful, but very easy to handle.

Thus you can get the best mowing experience without sweating over handling the mowers.

Typically, the Harmony mowers come in three categories:

  • Push mowers
  • Front wheel drive self propelled mowers
  • Rear wheel drive self propelled mowers.

Honda Harmony Push Mowers

The push mowers do not have any power to run by themselves, you need to push them to mow the lawn properly.

These models, hence are quite light, but have powerful, motors. They are perfect for mowing small lawns. They come with side discharge, bagging and mulching options. Thus you can use it the way you want.

Honda Harmony Self Propelled Mowers

The self propelled mowers are the step between push mowers and riding lawn mowers. They are easy to handle as the mower moves forward by itself, you don’t have to tire trying to push it through.

At the same time, they can only mow and are not versatile like riding mowers.

The front wheel drive adds greater maneuverability and you can determine the direction of the mowers with better control. The rear wheel drive option gives more stability in the motion of the mower. So picking FWD or RWD is clearly something that you have to decide.

Like the push mowers, the self propelled mowers come with discharge, bagging and mulching options. Another very interesting feature of Honda Harmony mowers is its speed control.

The inclination of the mower handle determines the speed of the propulsion. Thus you don’t have to worry about being stuck with a standard speed that doesn’t suit your walking pace. Adjust the handle position and you can mow your lawn at a comfortable speed.

The next great thing about the Harmony mowers is that they are very light, extremely portable and compact.

The light weight is critical in these walk behind mowers as there is a lot of human effort required in moving and storing them.

Honda Harmony mowers are some of the best in this class of mowers. The compact design means that you desk is optimally designed to get maximum cutting area.

Secondly, the handle is fold able. This means that you can have your full sized mower while mowing your lawn. Once you are done, it can fold into something more compact and easy to store in your garage.

Lastly, the durability and parts availability for Honda Harmony mowers are some of the best in the industry.

Honda Lawn Mower Dealers Service

Everyone knows about Honda’s great distribution and service center networks so getting a spare part or some problem fixed is not a problem at all.

Secondly, with over 3 years of warranty on almost all models means you can breathe easy after purchasing one model.

Honda Harmony lawn mowers are great walk behind mowers from Honda. They are user friendly, light, and are packed with some great features – a true best buy.