Homeowner Lawn Care – Need to Know

Written by Irene Melton | Updated
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If you're thinking of providing a service for home owner lawn care, to need to take a few moments to correctly understand the kind of services that will be expected from you, and then to assess whether or not you will be able to provide them.

There's going to be an inevitable gap between customer expectations in homeowner lawn care and what you think you're expected to provide.

This gap is bound to be greater if you're new to the business. The result is that when you contract to service someone's lawn for a year, your idea of what that service is going to entail might be very different from your customer's, with the result that you'll find your customer becoming demanding, perhaps, while from your customer's point of view you are simply refusing to provide services as part of your lawn contract that he or she has always received from previous contractors.

Now the best way to deal with this situation is to educate yourself – and your education can start right here in this article.

Remember, if your customer expects certain services as part of the homeowner lawn care package, and if providing those services is going to cost you money, then you have to deduct those amounts from profits before making your bid, or else you might find yourself with a dozen lawn care contracts, and still working virtually for free.

Yes, lawn care involves more than cutting grass – most homeowners will expect companies to also handle fertilization of the lawns, for example, and rightly so.

Services you can offer

Virtually every company does it these days, and you can be expected to be asked to do it to. Homeowners will expect you to put in a minimum of about four pounds of nitrogen fertilizer per thousand sq. ft. of grass as part of the lawn care package.

Many companies also throw in phosphorous and potassium fertilization as part of the standard lawn care contract, so see what rival companies in your area are offering before even beginning on anything of the sort yourself.

Then another service that many companies offer as part of a lawn care package is pest and disease control.

Some companies make the homeowners pay a little more for these services, making them optional, but many companies do provide these services as part and parcel of their standard package.

There are both preventive applications – like those that prevent crabgrass, for example, and curative applications, like anti-weed products, that will have to be applied as part of your service. Then remember that the education and knowledge of a homeowner is key to his or her being able to help ensure that you can provide them with a successful homeowner lawn care service.


Remember that your homeowners will probably mow the lawn on his or her own sometime during the year, and should know how to do it correctly, or might end up ruining your efforts on that lawn.

You need to provide homeowners with information and brochures that will help them to care for their lawns, season by season, and more importantly, that will help them to avoid crucial mistakes.

Remember to clearly assess all the services you are expected to provide, and to include the cost of them in your homeowner lawn care contract.

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