Home Remedies For Lawn Care

Written by Irene Melton | Updated
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There are lots of remedies available on the market to get rid of every single lawn problem.

They might be efficient and even very efficient, but at the same time we can’t ignore the damage caused to the environment by all the herbicides, pesticides and other poisonous elements.

That is why more and more people prefer to opt for the natural home remedies: they are harmful to the wildlife and aquatic life, and at the same time can be as effective as many commercial products.

Besides, it is a cheaper options than buying costly chemicals. Of course, home remedies for lawn care are rather time consuming, but it is so rewarding to realize that you contribute into the safety of the environment.

How to make your lawn healthier?

home remedies for lawn care

You will be surprised to find out how many wonderful methods can be used in order to make your lawn healthier.

For example, the very process of mowing can contribute into the health of the grass. If you mow your grass high, it will give it a great protection against insect damage, drought and various diseases. Besides, it will develop stronger roots.

The perfect height for most sort of the grass is around three and a half to four inches: if you keep it longer, it will cause the moist condition under the grass, and therefore perfect conditions for weeds’ germination and growth.

As for the fertilizing, there are also some options to the chemical substances. If you do not use a bagger when you mow your, the cut grass will turn into a natural compost and provide one third of the needed nitrogen.

Of course, for some time the lawn will look not as tidy and beautiful as we would like it to be, but in the long run the advantages will outweigh disadvantages.

Organic fertilizer and pesticide

You can make your own organic fertilizer by mixing some nutritious components like fish emulsion, bat guano, bone meal, worm castings, seaweed compost, alfalfa meal, blood meal and composted shredded leaves.

If the soil of your lawn is acidic, it will be beneficial to add wood ashes. If no – lime would be much recommended. Also, if the soil is alkaline, you can add iron sulfate, sulphur or pine needles. Be careful and don’t overdo the things, though.

More details on Lawn Care and Fertilization

Lots of home owners complain a lot about uncontrollable pests and weeds on their lawns. This problem can be also resolved by means of home remedies for lawn care.

Weeds can be prevented from sprouting in the very beginning of early spring if you use corn gluten meal. It is a great natural herbicide that ensures perfect results.

As for the pests, just take a container with water, add several drops of soap (avoid strong varieties), garlic and red chili pepper sauce. Spray this mixture on your lawn, repeating the procedure every two weeks.

These are only basic home remedies for lawn care, but there are much more of them. Choosing this way of taking care of your lawn, you will not only reveal your concern abut the environment, but will also ensure the safety of your pets and little children