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Herb Gardening – 4 Popular Herbs to Grow

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Today, herb gardening has become quite popular. More and more individuals are starting to garden their own herbs for cooking.  You may think that there are not many herbs out there to grow, but there is more than you could imagine.

4 Popular Herbs For Herb Gardening

Below, we are going to give you a list of some of our favorite herbs that we like growing at our home.

1. Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil

These plants will make your garden look attractive. When we plant the seeds, we prefer planting them where they will be growing in the garden in the middle of May. Germination for this herb generally occurs in seven to ten days. When it comes to transplanting these plants, we have found that it is not difficult at all. It can grow up to eighteen inches.

They need to have around twelve inches of space between plants. The Dark Opal Basil has a deep red foliage with pink flowers. This would make an excellent herb to grow along a walkway. You can use basil to flavor tomato pastes and tomato juice.

2. Borage

Borage Plant

Herb gardening can be beautiful especially if you grow borage which has blossoms that are pink in color, which turn blue like a perennial pulmonaria. This is an annual and you should plant it directly in your garden during the first part of May in the North. They can grow up to two feet and they should be spaced ten inches apart.

The germination period is seven to ten days. You shouldn’t transplant them except when they are small. You can use this herb in tossed salad to add some tasty flavor.

3. Chervil

Chervil plant

This plant will germinate during the fall and can live during the winter. If you are an inexperienced gardener, then we recommend you growing the plant as an annual. You should plant the seed in the middle of May. This herb can grow up to two feet and should be planted eight inches apart. It grows quickly as it is mature in as little as six weeks. With this, you should resent transplanting. You can freeze the fresh leaves in small packages after you carefully wash them. Chervil is popular for flavoring egg dishes.

4. Chives

Chives plant

This plant is a perennial and is good for herb gardening as well as a fun addition to your flower garden!   They start growing from bulblets. We have found that they are easy to grow from seed. Ours started growing under fluorescent lights and germinated in only ten days. They look like fragile pieces of grass. When you transplant them, expect them to slightly wilt. During a long drought, they will continue to grow well. You can use them in a rock garden or as a border, because the flowers are very pretty. Chives go great in egg dishes, salads and sauces.