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Greenworks 25012 Review

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If you are puzzled and wish to know the best fit for your lawn, Greenworks 25012 has numerous astounding features to list down which can fit in any type of lawn.

Greenworks Principles is environmental friendly, Greenworks works on the principle of no-carbon, no-fumes policy. All its lawn mowers are designed keeping in mind the environmental concerns and the company guarantees zero carbon prints which have made it the talk of the town.

Astounding features:

There are numbers of features to list down ranging from unbelievable warranty periods to the cord lock. Here are our Greenworks 25012 Review:


The built of the land mower shows that a lot of thought has been put in before designing this mower.

The durable steel deck ensures reliability along with the very sturdy wheels to travel through all the harsh grows.

The parts and the mower has such a sturdy built that the company offers warranty period which is double the industry standards i.e four years warranty on all its parts.


Time has come to throw away the hand push mowers and to get started with this light weight, easy to handle electric mower.

You have all the power on the earth while mowing with this mower where the company does not give fumes on discount.

Although it works on electric you don’t have to worry about reaching the far corners of your lawn as the cord given is lengthy to serve your lawn of small to medium size.

Height adjustments:

This machine has seven different height adjustment levels with a single push.

All your worries of different grass levels go away with this adjustment lever.

You finally have the liberty of mulching grass of any size.


The image of the mower speaks for itself its compactable feature where an easy cam lock on the handle allows you to fold the handle for compact storage.


There is a unique feature, a cord lock to secure the cord while plugged in which will prevent it from getting disconnected.

You will not have to worry of the spare parts as they are easily available and all of them come with the same four year long warranty period.

Cutting precision:

This land mower is very good if you plan to use it in your landscaping business or for in-house lawn mowing.

It works best for both these purpose. Mulching is done with such precision that you will not require any grass cutters to cut the left out edges.

It does it all. All you need to do is enjoy your favorite song while mowing.

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