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Great Dane Lawn Mowers Reviews


Great Dane lawn mowers have been in the market for a limited time. They have been making commercial lawn mowers only for the last 15 years now. 

Not a long time as compared to some of the other big names in the lawn mower business, however in such short time, Great Dane mowers have built quite a reputation for themselves.

Buying Guide: Great Dane Lawn Mower

A lot has to do with the kind of product name branding they have done. If you listen to the product names, it is like the Roman Empire coming alive. Here are some of the most popular Great Dane Lawn mower products.


This is a very strong zero turn commercial lawn mower.

It comes with 25 HP and 27HP options depending on how powerful an engine you want.

With a ground speed of 12 miles per hour, you can tidy up decent sized lawns in short time. To add to the speed, you also have huge cutting decks of 52” or 61”.

It is truly a very powerful and super efficient lawn mower. The full suspension seat with retractable seat belts you have comfortable seating arrangement for long mowing hours. It is a perfect commercial mowing vehicle.


This is a simple and compact riding lawn mower. It does not have any special frills that add unwanted features to the mower. It is built for mowing and it has just features to make mowing better and faster.

With 48” and 52” cutting deck options, it is a very popular model among Great Dane lawn mowers. It comes with a dual 10cc hydraulic pump for superior mowing performance. The 8 gallon fuel tank means that you can go mowing much longer.

Among the mower engine you can pick a23 HP or 26 HP Briggs and Stratton engine or 23 HP Kohler engine. With regards to grass heights you can change it from 1” to 5” making it s great commercial mower.

The twin lever transmission ensures that operator does not get tired quickly riding this mower.


If you do not want a walk behind mower, and also a big commercial riding lawn mower, then Surfer is probably the best model for you.

It comes with handle control levers making it look like a walk behind mower, but actually it is a riding mower. It comes with an Aluminum hydrostat to dissipate the heat more efficiently.

You can choose from 19 HP and 23 HP engines. You also have the option of 34”, 48” or 52” decks depending on your lawn size and how long you want to spend mowing.

This is a very flexible and maneuverable model that can easily climb curbs and mow around trees and shrubs.

Scamper Hydro

This is a walk behind commercial lawn mower. This unit comes with patented drive levers.

With this you can in fact mow with a single hand -that is true comfort for you. It comes with three engine options: 15 HP, 17 HP or 19 HP. While the engine powers may not look staggering, they are pretty good for a walk behind mower.

The decks though are commercial grade and range from 36” to 52”. Despite the large deck size, the overall length of the mower is not much.

As a result you can mow around trees and under shrubs easily. It also comes with a good left side trimming option, so you don’t have to spend on trimmers. It also has dual 10 cc hydraulic pump and motors for better propulsion. The unit has wide wheel stance, making it easier to mow on hillside lawns.

Besides these, there are also the Super Surfer and Chariot ’09 models available. These are bigger and better than the corresponding models discussion.

Great Dane Lawn Mowers Review

All in all, Great Dane mowers are great for commercial mowing needs. They come with great features and good durability. Their features lend well to commercial mowing like huge lawns and golf courses. At the very least if you own a Great Dane Mower, you’ll at least have a Roman pride to look up to.