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Gravely Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Lawn mowers are great units to have for spring and summer seasons. With growing grass all over, it is important that you keep mowing the lawns regularly to keep them in the best of their shape and look.

There are many lawn mower companies that have a wide range of products. Gravely is one such company that caters to the lawn mowing needs of home owners as well as professional. Gravely is nearly a century old company and its products all have every bit of that experience in them.

Gravely manufactures two kinds of lawn mowers for home owners: The larger Gravely zero turn lawn mowers and the smaller Gravely walk behind mowers. The Zero Turn mowers are part of the Gravely riding lawn mowers.

Gravely Riding Lawn Mowers

ZT Series

This is the most basic riding lawn mowers from Gravely.

There are three very popular models in this category. ZT 34, ZT 42 and ZT 50.

ZT 34 has a 34” cutting deck and a 344cc, 16.5 HP engine.

The ZT 42 comes with 42” cutting width and 500CC / 18.5 HP engine.

The largest in this series, the ZT 50 comes with a 50” cutting deck powered by 726cc/ 22 HP engine.

These models come with a flip out bar handles that make it easy for operator to slip in and slip out of the mower. It also helps in easy steering of the mower while riding it.

The design is such that the unit has a low center of gravity. This gives the mower great stability and traction while riding on grass.

With the engine at the rear, the engine hood is isolated so the operator does not bear the brunt of vibrations. It is a perfect unit for manicuring your lawn to perfection.

Gravely Lawn Mowers ZT XL Series

As the name suggests, the ZT XL series is a bigger and better version of ZT series. This comes in three models: ZT XL 42, ZT XL 48 and ZT XL 54.

This is a great blend of comfort for operator and power for the mower. The units come with 22HP and 24 HP engines that deliver great cutting power and strong propulsion.

With cutting deck sizes varying from 42” to 54” you can pick the right mower for you depending on your lawn size. The units come with ergonomically designed high back seats coated with foam. This ensures that long mowing hours do not tire the operator.

Gravely Lawn Mowers ZT HD Series

This is the super sized versions of ZT mowers from Gravely. The ZT HD 48 comes with a 48” cutting width and a 24 HP /726 CC engine.

The ZT HD 52 comes with 24 HP/ 726 cc engine but with 52” cutting deck. Lastly the biggest model in this category the ZT HD 60 has a 60” cutting deck and 26 HP / 726CC engine.

If you are a professional mower, the ZT HD series mowers are perfect to your business. Heavy duty design backed by traditional Gravely quality and efficiency, you cannot go wrong with these mowers.

The wider deck sizes give great stability and reduce mowing times greatly.

Gravely Walk Behind Mowers


This is a great walk behind mower from Gravely. It comes with professional grade 6 HP Kawasaki engine and 21” cutting deck. With three in one system you can discharge, bag or mulch the cut grass. You can also vary the cutting heights between 1.5” to 3.6”.

Wide Area Walk

This is specially designed to get the job done quickly. The 13.5HP engine with 34” cutting deck makes lawn mowing a matter of minutes rather than hours. Throttle control and electric start key add to its user friendly features. Even this unit comes with three in one grass cutting option.

Classic LM Series

There are three models in this category. The LM 21 come with 4.5 HP engine and 21” cutting deck. The LM 21S is a similar unit but with 6HP / 179cc engine.

The LM 21SW is again another variation with a 173cc engine. All three models come with the three in one system. While Classic LM 21 is a push mower, the LM21S and LM 21SW are self propelled ones.