Grasshopper Lawn Mowers

With any professional lawn mower, you are looking at two things – tough punishment to the mower itself and comfort for the operator.

Fortunately, there is one company that thinks along the same lines and hence gives you just want you need with lawn mowers – it is Grasshopper.

Besides, when you look at the price of grasshopper lawn mowers, you are going to get true value for money with their models. The main focus of Grasshopper research has been to make a rugged unit that can handle long hours of mowing tough terrains and still ensure minimal operator fatigue.

No wonder, it is these features that make Grasshopper mowers so popular.

Features of Grasshopper Lawn Mowers

Here are some of the striking features of grasshopper mowers

Durable Construction

The grasshopper mowers are tough, and durable and yet very light and agile. This comes from top quality materials used to manufacture these mowers and their parts.

Spindle Flanges protect the spindle from grass clippings to deliver get performance all the time.

The GrassMAx blade system is designed to ensure that the blades cut perfectly even close to the deck edges delivering great professional cut without the need for secondary cuttings.

Comfortable operation

Grasshopper has research extensively on ensuring that the operators are comfortable even during strenuous long hours of mowing.

This way you are not only satisfied after the mowing, but you also get things done faster as you remain more productive longer.

You can push the mower to go faster, and cut better for longer durations saving you more time and energy.


Grasshopper mowers are not just simple lawn mowers, they are very versatile with accessories to let you use these great machines all year round.

So you are not limited to spring and summer alone to make this unit worth its value. You can also get great results with different attachments for different times of the year.

Low Maintenance

This is probably the most important consideration for many commercial enterprises. You may have a great unit that delivers top performance in limited times.

But if there is a lot of maintenance associated with it, you lose that advantage pretty quickly. The Grasshopper mowers come with excellent filter to protect the mower from clogging.

The cooling system ensures longevity of the engine, debris screen can be easily replaced to make the cleaning operation simple and other design features mean that maintenance operations like oiling and greasing are a breeze.

Designs of Grasshopper Lawn Mowers

The Grasshopper professional mowers come in two designs:

Front Mount Series

These are three or four wheeled mower units with the cutting deck mounted in front of the operator’s seat. These are great units and can tackle special terrains like under the bushes and low trees. With these great accessibility features, you reduce the time spent on trimming the lawn there by getting things done faster and more efficiently. The mower can reach speeds of up to 11 mph.

There are three sub series in this category: 600 series, 700 series and 900 series. Each of these come with similar units with regards to horse power and steering capabilities, but different design aspects like turf wheels, seat suspension, etc.

Mid Mount Series

As the name suggests, these are units where the cutting deck is placed below the operator seat. These are always four wheeled models.

The design in itself gives the operator great control and maneuverability. So if you are looking for high performance mowing with great straight line speeds, you need to look at the Mid Mount Series.

There are four sub categories under this class of mowers: namely 100 series, 200 series, 300 series and 400 series. Again, these are similar units with varied features.

Some have rear discharge option, others come with mulching options, work light, electric and hydraulic height adjustments, and other accessories.


All in all Grasshoppers are the perfect mowers for tough professional mowing operations.

They have great designs, tough make, durable parts and low maintenance.

Besides, before purchasing the units, you also get a demo, and explore financing options.

So you get all possible help from Grasshopper, not just while mowing but also while purchasing the mower. It is truly a great option for you to look at and consider.