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Flymo Lawn Mowers Reviews


Flymo Lawn Mowers are Innovative and Extremely Useful

When we talk Flymo, the first thing that comes to our mind is the unique hover mower product.

No wonder, because Flymo pioneered this design nearly 40 years ago. Since then Flymo has been the market leader in delivering these unique lawn mowers.

By 2000, Flymo has sold over a million mowers just in UK itself. It just goes to show the popularity and quality product that Flymo can deliver. However, Flymo is primarily an European vendor.

Flymo Lawn Mowers has three categories:

  • Flymo Petrol Mower
  • Flymo Electric Lawnmower
  • Flymo Hover Mowers
  • These are ideal for larger lawns and bigger gardens. The petrol / gas powered mowers are easy to handle and drive.

    These come in push mower, self propelled mowers and rear roller models – so you can pick the one that suits you the most.

    The solid steel rear drive roller ensures that you can mow the edges cleanly too.

    All the models in this category come with Briggs and Stratton engines. Some have single propelling speed while others support variable speeds to suit your walking pace.

    Flymo Electric Lawnmower

    Petrol powered mowers are great and powerful, but they consume petrol which can make them messy to handle over a period of time, besides they also exhaust gases which are not environment-friendly.

    If you don’t prefer this, you can go for a comparably powerful mower but running a cleaner energy source – electric supply.

    There are many models under the electric wheeled lawn mower like Easimo, Rollermo, Visimo, Venturer, Pac A Mow, and the latest Multimo

    Flymo Lawn Mowers - Multimo Series

    The Multimo series are the best in class under this category. They come in three different sizes 340XC, 360XC and 420XC models.

    Each of these comes with a progressively greater engine power and size. The large rear wheels mean that maneuvering this mower in tough lawn contours is not a big hassle anymore.

    These powerful cutting systems come with discharge, bagging and mulching options.

    Another good feature of the Multimo lawn mowers is that their handles are foldable, so you can store them more compact that they are when in use.

    Flymo Hover Mowers

    This is the trade mark Flymo lawn mowers models that made this brand so famous.

    As per the design, these are plainly discharge models, and do not have any grass collecting features. These are best for small lawns, where a quick and easy work is good enough. These can also be ideal in tough areas of large lawns where regular mowers can’t reach or fail to do a good job.

    The latest Vision Compact series and the earlier Hover Compact and Turbo compact series did have some grass collecting boxes that made disposal of grass much simpler.

    Vision Compact in fact comes with a window for you to keep a check on the compact collection bag. Once it comes closer to full, you can remove the grass and clear the bag for further use.

    The benefit of the compact collection technique is that you can collect as much as a heap of grass and have it stored in a much smaller area than the entire heap.

    Compare this to a typical discharge unit, where you’ll have the cut grass sitting on your lawn for long. With the compact collection, you can empty compact blocks of grass. These are easy to dispose too.

    The most recent model in this series is the Glide Master. This comes with a Pop-Up vision box like the Vision Compact models.

    The benefit of Glide Master box is that you can check the window and pop open the box to remove the grass easily. The Glide Master and Vision compact series come with a easy reel feature that lets you wind your electric cable easily into the unit itself.

    In Summary

    So when it comes to some really innovative and extremely useful lawn mowers, you must think of Flymo.

    Though you may get other petrol powered and electric powered lawn mowers from other brands, the hover based models are almost exclusive to Flymo and these are probably the most interesting ones too.

    I have review some of flymo lawn mower such as flymo micro lite and flymo turbo lite 330