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Ferris Lawn Mowers Reviews


Ferris is a very old company with an interesting history to it.

It started off in the early 1900s as a milking machine manufacturer.

In 1987 they made the first lawn mower that was hydrostatically driven rather than belt driven.

For Ferris it was not a big deal as they had been making hydrostatically propelled machines, but using that in mowers was a first in the industry. Since then Ferris Lawn mowers have come a very long way along.

Ferris industries have made big strides in the lawn mower business since 2003 when they introduces the first Hydrocut model. Since then there have been many better products working on different technologies and fuel sources.

There are many Ferris lawn mower models from the very simplistic to the big machines for the big jobs.

However broadly they can be classified into three categories: zero turns, three wheel riders and walk behinds.

Ferris Walk Behind mowers

Under this category Ferris has created many models based on varying technologies and needs.

The Hydrocut models are driven by single hydrostatic transmission systems. This makes them very easy and smooth to handle.

This is something that Ferris fans have come to appreciate over the years. At maximum speed of 5.5 mph, this machine can mow around 1.7 acres of lawn in an hour. That’s pretty impressive for a mower for domestic use.

With quick height adjustments and other simplified controls, this is a dream to operate. With 32” and 36” deck options, you are looking at some really great models in this category. The other equally impressive model is the HydroDrive.

This is more for commercial use and it can travel at 6mph ground speeds. The 48” deck with powerful engine means that it can mow up to 3 acres of lawn in about an hour. With cruise control features and dual transmission system, you can walk and mow your lawn with easy.

Along the similar lines you have the Comfort Control DD model. With a wide range of deck sizes and powerful Kawasaki engines, this is a great walk behind mower model from Ferris.

Three Wheel Riders

This is a unique solution from Ferris. They have a single model under this category – the ProCut S.

In 1986 Ferris pioneers the first three wheel rider mower and till date they are the top makers of these mowers – both in sales and customer satisfaction ratings.

It is designed for good height and excellent visibility. At the same time, it can get under the shrubs and low branches to mow deeper. This way you spend less time trimming the lawn after mowing it.

Zero Turn Models

These are more full sized mowers with great power, excellent features and comfort. With speeds of 12 mph and deck sizes of 61” and 72” this monster of a mower can tackle up to 7.2 acres in an hour.

That’s probably one of the better rates for the big commercial needs. This unit also comes with the industry standard for Roll Over Protection Systems, so you have not just a great machine but a one that meets the industry standards too. A perfect choice for commercial mowing requirements!

If you are looking for more information on these mowers you can look at many places online. Obviously the Ferris Industries site is a great place to start your search. But as expected, they are not going to give an unbiased view on their products.

A better place to get good reviews is Ferris lawn mowers forum. These are places where people like you who have bought the product can share their experiences; though you will be really satisfying to know that you will not find many complaints with these products even in the forums.

So if are looking for a great lawn mower product with easy of operation, cutting edge innovation and best in class design, you look no further than the Ferris lawn mowers. They are not just good, they are sturdy, durable, simple to operation, with many user friendly features and controls. For commercial use they also comply with industry standards and specifications.